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Sometimes It's Just All About Me (plus a giveaway)

Don't worry.  This isn't as egotistical a post as the title may lead you to believe.  This post *IS* all about me, but other people are involved as well.

Over the course of 8 days, between visiting my boys and my first week as a traveling salesman, I have put about 3600 miles on my car.  It's taking a much-deserved break in my driveway, recovering from the chaos, and prepping for a Monday drive.

Life on the road has been fun these past few days, and I think I'm going to really enjoy this job.  More to come on it later.   While I was gone, some interesting me-centric things happened.

Over at A Beer For the Shower I was immortalized in animated awesomeness.  My nightmares of being abducted my LDS Extremists and brainwashed/converted has somewhat become a reality.  I am now a Missionary going door-to-door preaching about 'The Book of Idaho.'

And I love it.  If you're not reading that blog, you're missing out on some good stuff.  And 'The Book of Idaho?'  If I ever publish myself, that's the name of Book 1.  Props will be given, of course.

Continuing my courtship with Lady E, I ordered a Mammo shirt from her online store a few weeks back.  I mean, I love boobs and want to do whatever I can to support them (heh) so I saw this as a good cause.

After a month of waiting (and a strongly-worded email to Cafepress) it finally came.  Actually... two came.  It's an awesome shirt, and I love being an advocate for women keeping their ta-tas healthy, so I'm going to share the lovin!

The shirt in question is a Charcoal color, size XL.  If interested, please leave a comment of "I LOVE BOOBS!" below.  Limit one entry per person this way.  To get a second entry, please tweet a link to this post and include the hashtag #Mammo in the tweet.  I'll close the contest on June 30, and announce the winner July 1st.

Example:  I love boobs!  Come support the #Mammo cause, and maybe win a t-shirt from @Spud_slinger!

Yay for boobies! Yay for ABftS! And yay for me!

p.s. - If you want a different color/size, please go to Lady E's Cafepress site.  They also have shirt designs for women, and much much more!!!
Please Share it! :)

19 witty retorts:

Technosauce said...


Gotta' have me that shirt.

Bart said...

lmfao that cartoon really does look like u.

Zombie said...

hey man, you look good as a beer for the shower cartoon! lol.

Sandra said...

Look at you doing a giveaway! Love it!

(My first year old could so rock that tee!)

Jewels said...

I will let the guys have this one since I have a set of my own I get to fondle at will. That is a great shirt though. :)

I saw that cartoon over at ABftS and freaking love it. Those guys kick ass. I mean you do too though. ;) Glad that you are enjoying the job and not minding the driving. Hope your car agrees with you.

klahanie said...

Dude, animated awesomeness suits you.
And I shall check out them there links. I could always use a new shirt and a new dress, but hey, that's another story :)
Have a good week, eh.

The Reckmonster said...

I love boobs! I just wish mine would stay put and quit heading farther and farther south every year. They're worse than migrating birds.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I LOVE BOOBS! (and so does Matt. He would love this shirt. And he insists on checking my boobies because he said I might miss something. True story, I might. Can't be too sure.)

Gucci Mama said...

Boobs? Did someone say boobs? I have fucking awesome boobs, if I do say so myself.

jillsmo said...

I fucking love boobs!!

(Does it still count if I switched it up a bit?)

The Angry Lurker said...

Of course I LOVE BOOBS.

Whiskey Girl said...

I LOVE BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nom nom nom

L.S.B said...

I LOVE BOOBS!!! that shirt will look great over my boobs ;D

Ginny said...

I love boobs so much that I paid for more of them!

Annah said...

Glad you're liking the new jobbie :)

Mustang Sally said...

I have my own pair but I also have a friend that would LOVE that shirt so yeah man, I LOVE BOOBS!

And on another topic altogether I was SURE I was following you ... don't know what happened >shrugs< but all fixed now.

And oh yeah you were ABftS'd ... awesome toon.

Lori Dyan said...

Dude. I LOOOOVE BOOBS. (and your blog, too...)

Jenny Nielson said...

I love boobs!!!!!!!!

Cat said...

I love boobs! They hold up my clothes sometimes lol

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