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Burying Myself in Electronica

I'm still picking up the pieces from my dad's recent death, and trying to find my way back into a groove.  Maybe when I get all of his affair in order, some sanity will come back to my life?

Meanwhile, I'm grieving by keeping myself occupied.  I got a PS3 and 'check out' when I need an escape.  Skyrim, Madden, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed... they are my way of getting lost for a few hours and letting the burden go away, if only for a short time.

PC gaming as well.  I've discovered Candy Crush Saga (pity me), and play poker online.

As for online poker, I'm better than I thought.  I don't put any money into it, but I'm good enough where I considered training for the poker WSOP for a moment.

Just a moment... I don't need another full-time obsession.  I blog (even though by my recent posts, you can't really tell), have a day-job, have a new wife, and am moving into a bigger home.

One more vice?  Yeah, don't have anywhere to fit it in.

But still... when I need an escape... to get away from the burden of my dad's death or my overwhelming work schedule... I have my vices, thanks to my devices.


Tales from the Hotel Room: What the WHAT?!?

I've been on the road A LOT lately.

Apparently I'm burying myself in work instead of mourning or grieving my dad.

Or my schedule is just messed up.  I have a wife now, and I've seen her for all of 5 hours this week.

Anyway, I'm in a hotel now (as usual) and this caught my eye:

Apparently this is supposed to be a Hot Tub suite, but they forgot one important thing.

...the Hot Tub.

So instead I have a tiled corner of my room, which makes no sense whatsoever.

...I think I got trolled by Best Western...


It's a Nice Day for a Geek Wedding

We met around 7 years ago.  On World of Warcraft, no less.

Spaceballs The Guild.

I bugged the hell out of you.  You threatened to maim me with a grapefruit spoon on more than one occasion.

With time, we became friends.  I was married, you were married.  We did a couples mini-golf date that was an absolute disaster.  I met you & your husband at an IHOP in San Diego, and gave him a 'Buttface' towel for his birthday.

Our marriages fell apart.  We talked, vented to each other, gave each other comforting and consoling words to help get through the hard times.

Our friendship endured.  It eventually became more.

Friends became lovers, and lovers became best friends.  We forged the perfect partnership.

We have been living together for over 4 years now.  Gone through good times and bad.  Economic downturns, horrible moving trips.  Bad jobs, and lots of memories...

I love that we're still geeks at heart.  We play video games together, watch nerdy shows, have our inside jokes, yet are still functioning, responsible adults.

You have accepted my boys into your heart, and they have done the same.  They now have a new step-dad, and today you get promoted to 'step-mom.'

Today, I marry my friend.  My lover.  My rock.  My guild-mate.  Mine mine mine.


Childhood Memories (and thievery)

Hi all...  Still dealing with dead-dad things, so updates and attention is sporadic at best.

99% of my family has been super-helpful, but 1 person is mucking things up to the point of utter frustration.  Ugh.

While rummaging through my dad's storage unit, I found a lot of things:

- Camping / fishing gear galore
- Old bills/papers/manuals going as far back as 1986
- 4 boxes of dirtymags (Playboys and others)
- And lots of photos and albums.

In the boxes of photos, I found my old baby book as well as my brother's.  There were pictures at the hospital, clipped locks of hair, lists of gifts from the baby showers, and this...

In my brother's book was a page listed 'first dollar' along with a story about Hawaiian's giving money to babies.

The money was missing.

Or taken.

I want to ask my parents about this... at what point were they a dollar short for something so vital that they'd pilfer from a baby book?

Maybe it just fell out, but knowing my parents that answer sounds too convenient...

I laughed.  I wonder if my brother will laugh as well...