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Trophy Case

Award:  The Stunner
Given by:  Q @ Thank, Q for Common Sense
Link:  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

This is the first blogging contest I entered, and I won the whole shebang.  Out of 16 bloggers, I was #1.  Thousands of votes were cast, and somehow I came out on top.

Award: The Psycho Carnival Award for Originality
Given by:  The Reckmonster @ Rantings of the Reckmonster

This is the first award I ever received.  It was given to me because I cover a wide variety of topics, and use a wide variety of writing styles.  I try to keep original, stay entertaining, and make sure to keep people smiling.

Award:  Blog of War 2011 Champion
Given by: BlackLOG

The second blogging contest entered, and second won.  This win wasn't as sweet as the stunner, but any win is a good win.  I'm 2 for 2 on blogging contests, and love to challenge myself against other writers out there.

 Award:  The 'I Don't Give a Fucking Piss' award

Do i give a fucking piss?  Not really.  I write about things that inspire me, and make me laugh.  I don't usually write for other people.

Award: Stylish Blogger Award

It's cuz I look goooood....

 Award: Hug-a-blogger
Given by: Adsila @ Above the Norm

What can I say?  I'm huggable, and Adsila comes to my blog almost daily.  As far as fans go, she's one of the more attentive ones.  :)
Award:  Cherry on Top Award
Given by: Randy @ Random Girl Blog

My blog has that 'little bit extra' and I appreciate the recognition by a blogging dynamo such as RG.  Randy is an amazing writer, and to be on her radar means a lot to me.

Award:  The Overlord Award
Given by: Jewels @ Jewels Turning 30

Jewels seems to think I would do a good job if I were in charge of the world, so she bestowed this honor upon me.  I think the decrees I chose to enact were some good ones...

Award:  The 'Silent But Deadly' award
Given by:  Jewels @ Jewels Turning 30

This award was given to a person with amazing fart story to tell.  Me?  Amazing story?  I'm in...

Award:  Sunshine Award
Given by: Shutterbug @ thingamajig and Astronomy Pirate @ Habitable Zones of the Internet

This award is given to bloggers who brighten up people's day.  I'm glad I can do my part in making people smile on a daily basis.  I blog for me, but enjoy taking others along the ride with me!


I cannot forget...

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