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Best Farm Ad EVER

Meanwhile in Idaho:


...or something.

Thanks to my buddy Q for sharing this with me, so I could share it with you.


Rainbows and Unicorn Farts

Hello from ...not Idaho!

I have been back in California for a few months now, and while I'm enjoying being 'back home' it isn't all sunshine and roses.

...hence the fun title of today's post...

I am sure you've been watching the news in the last few weeks and have heard of all the fires in San Diego.  I was in the middle of that shit.  At its height, I had 5 fires going within 10 miles of my home.  I was out of danger's way, but it was dark and ashy and horrible.

Which is par for California.  Instead of 'Winter' we have Fire Season.

I didn't miss that at all.

I also didn't miss the traffic, which is pure evil.  I have to drive into LA on occasion for work, and every single time is like pulling teeth.  Too many people, too little space, to few IQ points to go around.

Mostly, I'm still torn on where I live.  I am close to a military base in San Diego county, and can hear the BOOM BOOM BOOM throughout the day.  Sometimes even on weekends and late nights.

Military Base suckage #2, there are a LOT of dumbass military 'bros' in my area.  I see Marine Corps decals the size of Smart Cars on some vehicles.  Towing hitches that look like claymores with "point this end toward enemy" staring right at you.

And then there are these decals on cars.  EVERYWHERE.

The 'infidel' stickers piss me off the most.  "Infidel and Armed."  "All American Infidel," and so forth.  Way to spit in the face of another religion without regard.

And yet, no one seems offended.

If I had a "Fag Stomper" sticker on my car, I'd wake up to keyed doors and broken windows.  If I had a Army logo being pee'd on by Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, I'd be a dead man.

...but it's ok to make fun of Islam.  It's making me hate this town, hate our military, and want to move again.

...I hear Belgium is nice...