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My Own Private Montana

My job has me traveling the northwest throughout five states.  I have been labeled as a 'road warrior' and the title fits me well.  I drive between 500 and 1200 miles a week, and am quickly becoming a hotel-room aficionado.

I have touched every state in my territory except Nevada, and my favorite so far is Montana.  It's also a royal pain in the ass.

Why?  Montana is fucking huge.

Butte.  Billings.  Bozeman.  Helena.  Great Falls.  Missoula.  All major cities in my area, but all SO FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!  Cities are spread 100-200 miles apart it seems, which gives Montana the name "Big Sky Country."  When you're driving, you don't see a lot of buildings or homes.  It's farmland, mountains, trees, and sky sky sky...

Speaking of sky, one native told me this:  "Welcome to Montana.  Don't like the weather?  Just wait five minutes."  This saying is so damn fitting.

Driving from city to city, you would watch the sky slowly blacken as thunderstorms roll in.  You would get a lightning show and heavy rain for 5-10 minutes, and then the clouds start to break away and fade.  Another day, the sun would be shining brightly until a sudden hailstorm hits.  3 minutes later it's gone.  It was intimidating at first, but it quickly became entertaining.

The fresh air, the entertaining weather and most of all the Big Sky made Montana a breathtaking experience.  My next trip will still be about business, but I will definitely have to spend some time in tourist mode.

At the end of every out-of-state trip, I'm always glad to see the "Welcome to Idaho" sign.  It's a way of saying 'Welcome Home' and it makes me feel a wave of relief.  With Montana, I was relieved this trip was over (long, intense, and my laptop died) but I can't wait to get back into Montana for some more fun.

I just hope I don't get bludgeoned with hailstones when I go back.
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14 witty retorts:

Leeanna said...

Aaahahahahaahaaasnort!! Brandon aka Mad Max The Road Warrior, ahahahaha! I love it!
Yepper's, Montana will entertain the shit out of you if you stay in one spot long enough.

BigOryx said...

i never have been to nevada, would love to go there someday

Alphabeta said...

Road trip in Montana sounds great.

Byakuya said...


Haha epic, your job sounds pretty cool from the way you talk about it =3

Great post as usual

Leila said...

where's dog meat?

Yeah I've been meaning to go on a road trip, with either myself (which might not be wise) or two close friends. Montana and some other Western states have always seemed beautiful to me. When I toured both Socal and NoCal (i doubt that's actually a used moniker), I was taken away by the beautiful countryside and the lively cities of LA, San Diego, and San Francisco. Now, I mean to tour that whole territory.

SamArmy said...

Wow... I love lightning its so fun to watch!

Gucci Mama said...

That makes me miss home!

PROMISE ME you'll go to La Parilla next time you're in Bozeman.

Mynx said...

Thankyou for the map. Sounds like you are loving the new job. Must be wonderful exploring all these places.

RedHeadRob said...

Hilariously true about Montana. I hate that state though

Kingmush said...

Not much out there but it is pretty country.

Melanie said...

I shall now picture you as a very young not yet crazy Mel Gibson. And I am jealous. I have always wanted to visit Montana, but fear that it will not happen until I am too old to enjoy it. Or maybe its my crappy mood. I am blaming that for everything.

J.Day said...

I spent a few days in Butte several years ago. Montana is definitely beautiful country.

D4 said...

I love big open fields and sky. The weather sounds pretty fun too. I WANT. :D

iZombie said...

i have been no where... sad!

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