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Why 'The Big O' is VITAL to your Relationship!

For anyone who has been in multiple long-term relationships or marriages, you know how important a healthy sex life can be.  When things begin to get routine or bland, it can negatively affect the relationship as a whole.

(I'm a divorced dude, and I know a lot of divorced guys like me are nodding their head so damn furiously it could fall off at any second.)

That being said... when is the last time you had a mind-blowing, ear-popping, toe-curling orgasm from your partner?

Does it happen often?  At all?

How does that make you feel?  Does that make your sexual mind wander?  That's not good, is it?

Sex (especially GOOD sex) is a vital part to any long-term relationship.  It is the fire that keeps our furnace of love burning.  Even if you're not in a long-term relationship, you know a bad sexual experience with someone will probably keep you from sleeping with that person again.  The potential of 'something more' gets quashed because of a dead-fish or a two-pump-chump, or from something as simple as bad communication. what can you do to improve your own sexual exploits, as well as help your partner "ring that bell" more often?  Check out the following infographic from Adam and Eve for some interesting tips on 'The Big O:'


As always, practice makes perfect.  Feel free to try new things, communicate, and work toward a happier, healthier (and more orgasmic) relationship.  After all, this type of 'homework' is fun!

[I couldn't find a picture, but imagine a doctor holding up some sex toys and saying "Take two of these and call me in the morning."]

Are there any tips you - as a reader - would recommend?  What knocks your socks off and makes you scream from the rafters?  Leave a comment below, and let's all climax together!


Bad Memories and Burned Friendships

With recent headlines and the ensuing Social Media typhoon, I have had a lot of old memories bubble to the surface.  I have also cut a lot of friends and acquaintances out of my life.

One of the friends I just let go was really painful.  I'll second-guess my decision (and already have) but I feel like I've made the right decision.

Firstly, if Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner was a Duggar, The Blaze (and God) would have already forgiven her, right?  Or is that only with pedophilia?

Secondly, I had a trans friend in college who committed suicide because of the same vitriol I'm seeing from people this week.  Karly used to be Keith, and was shunned by her family, lost her job, and was essentially blackballed from her town and social circle.  After months of depression, she killed herself in June, 2000.

This is the result of hatred.  The result of using words like 'vile' or 'disgusting,' the same words people are using to describe Jenner.

It bothers me that "the closet" is getting bigger and bigger.  I have friends who are atheist and are afraid to admit it.  One who did was fired from their job, sued for discrimination and lost.  (Turns out Twin Falls, ID is just as LDS-dense as Idaho Falls...)  People can be singled-out and isolated because of their gender, sexuality, religious or political beliefs.  And, while we speak out against bullying in our schools, the same people go on facebook or twitter and bully the people who are the most insecure and need the most support.

So this is why I'm 30 friends, 2 groups and a few dozen pages lighter on Facebook.  This is why I stopped a 7+ year friendship dead in its tracks and walked away.  When you say something hateful or hurtful, or share a meme or link that can belittle or damage a person, it becomes ripples in a pond.

By saying nothing, by doing nothing, I would have let the ripples continue.  I *have* to say goodbye to Aly, to Mark, to Susan, to Chris... because of Karly.  And because of Caitlyn.  And because of the next person, the next fight, the next suicide.

I'm sorry.  But I'm really not.