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There are a lot of bloggers out there with a talent for drawing and animation.  Some of them love to draw their fellow blogmates.

And I love the attention.

First is the talented duo of Brian and Brandon over at A Beer For the Shower.  They drew a rendition of me, peddling the Book of Idaho like a Mormon Missionary.

I live in a very Mormon-dense town.  If I were to do this, I'd be blackballed by 40% of the town, but it may be worth it.  Maybe one year I'll do it for Halloween?  As long as I stay in the bars, not many Mormons would see me, so I might be safe.  If I do it, believe me, you'll know...

You'll know...

Next up is the drunken, antlered Gherkin Pickleope.  He was inspired to draw not ONE but TWO MOPI pictures.  Here, I am an Idahoan Pickleope, fighting with the culture and backwardness of this state.

I enjoyed these drawings because of some key reasons:
  • I'm drinking (scotch in one picture, and what looks like cognac in the other...)
  • I'm a fucking Pickleope, which is awesome in every way imaginable
  • I have a Fez on

I don't own a Fez, but thanks to these drawings I want one.  I think I could rock the look, and maybe bring it back.

Outdated fashion?  Maybe... but I'm a trend-setter and can make the Fez look good...

Next up is Lady Estrogen at Adventures in Estrogen.  Instead of a drawing talent, she does her magic in photoshop.  I'm not sure if it's a blogging crush or something bordering the movie Misery, but I'll take the attention anyway I can get it.

First is a picture of me on a model's body, from "I'm a model, you know what I mean."  She was mocking other companies to take faces from one model and plant them on bodies of other models, making 'the perfect person.'

Guess which perfect person I am?  I have to admit I look GOOD in animal print.

My boobs look amazing...

Next is a slightly more creepy interesting rendition of me.  As a birthday tribute, Lady E immortalized me in stone.

For the record, my dingaling is not as stubby.  I'm not hung like a tater-tot like this guy is...

However, my abs aren't nearly as impressive... so you win some you lose some, I guess...

So with Lady E, I love her blog and adore the flattery, but I won't lie.  The restraining order is filled out, I just haven't turned it in yet... but I'm tempted....

Who's next?  Draw a rendition of me and my blog, and YOU TOO can be featured in this section!