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Practicing Abstinence, I'm not a born-again virgin.

But I do have a baby (under 12mo) at home, so yeah, I guess I pretty much am...

For this post, I'm talking about Fantasty Football.  Last year I was in 6 leagues.  The season before, 4.  I'm usually in the top half of all my leagues, with 2-3 of them playing for a Top 3 spot.

...but I'm tired.  And I'd rather just watch and enjoy the game instead of fretting over individual player statistics.

This 2015 season, I'm going to be fantasy abstinent.  This means I won't be defending my championship in 2 leagues, but oh well.  I could use the break.

(That, and I'm planning on going to an actual game or two.  ...something I haven't done since the early 90s when the Rams were in Anaheim)


Generating Income in the 21st Century (burn your college degree -- it's more useless than toilet paper)

Welcome to 2015.  A 'free-to-play' app on your phone can generate over $100,000 in revenue each day.  There are more millionaires-under-20 now than ever before.  While some are struggling to live paycheck to paycheck, and baby-boomers are doing "when can I retire?" math, others are making ridiculous sums of money on the digital frontier.

I graduated from High School in 1998, and instantly went to college.  Because that's what you do.  Get a 4 year degree, find a job, work 40 years and retire.


Stop laughing.

Wealth-building doesn't work the same way now that it did in the 20th century.  People don't work at one company 'for life' anymore.  The saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" rings truer now than it did 20/30/40 years ago.  This is why more and more people are shying away from the traditional nine-to-five and looking for other means to make a living.  One of the more appealing (and profitable) industries on the rise is a career in "Network Affiliation."  30 years ago, this meant Amway.  10 years ago, you'd be selling pots-and-pans or fancy candles.  Today, the possibilities are endless.

This means you need to do your due diligence.  What speaks to you?  What are you passionate about?  Most importantly, can you monetize your passions AND get great, consistent compensation?  Finding a NA company is easy; finding one that pays well and isn't confusing is another story...

My friend Susie from icardu is a part of a greeting card company making sending loved-ones a card quick and convenient.  Having trouble remembering to send Birthday cards on time?  Want to keep things low-maintenance without looking impersonal?  Her company can help you with that, AND it’s a Network Affiliation company as well.  Not only can you make your life a little simpler, but you can also make money helping others do the same.

The company itself prints, stuffs, stamps and sends the card for you, and can all be done from a mobile app.  Tradition meets technology.  For someone like me in their low 30s, this business is perfect for sending cards and thank you notes to relatives who still expect something in the mail (love you Grandma, but these $20 birthday checks mean more to you than they do to me).

For people who love to send (or receive) greeting cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, birth announcements, etc. icardu is worth a good look. Use it as a consumer first, and if you like the ease and functionality of the product, then you can try to monetize it by contacting Suzie and learning how you can make money sending cards from your smartphone.

Yes, your smartphone.  That thing in your pocket or purse that is slowly taking over your life… yes, you CAN use it to make money!  After all, every Facebook ad in your timeline is making someone money.  Every candy you crush, every clan you clash, every bird you flap with your phone is making someone else money.

Nowadays, the digital frontier rules all.  If you can’t make your own app and make millions, what’s the next step?  If you can use apps and smartphones to your advantage, you can make a good income by having your business in the pockets of millions. 

This is how Etsy does it. 

This is how Amazon does it.

This is how Pinterest does it.

It's a phone. A toy. Now a wallet. Why not a money-maker?

And this is how you can do it.  With icardu’s simplicity, functionality and universal appeal, not only can you streamline one part of your (already busy enough) life but you can also make money doing it.

*checks phone*  Oh, it’s my friend Monique’s birthday this Saturday.  Better send her a card… 


Knock Knock

Who's there?


New blog post tomorrow.