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For Better or For Worse, I Did A Radio Show with @Talk2Q...

Yes, you heard right...

I did a radio show.  (and radio isn't dead)

I was on the Talk 2 Q radio show Tuesday night along with Sonia from  We discussed a wide variety of topics, and the 90 minutes blew by fast.

But... I have to say... it was kind of bittersweet.


It's not Q's or Sonia's fault... at least I don't think so... but I somehow lost 5 followers on my blog during the course of the show.

I can't remember the last time I had such a sizable exodus.

Was it because:

  • ...I told Herman Cain to keep his pimp hand strong, and not let a little bit of infidelity cause him to drop out of the Presidential race?
  • ...We discussed women wanting it both ways?  Independence and still expecting the man to pick up the check and kill spiders?
  • ...I cracked YET ANOTHER handful or mormon jokes?
  • ...You don't like the sound of my voice?
  • ...We discussed legalizing prostitution?  Idaho is the meth HQ of the United States, and one of the side effects of meth abuse is losing your teeth.  Less teeth means good prostitute, so between that and the state's name (IdaHO.  COME ON) Idaho would flourish if we legalized prostitution...
Or is it just a coincidence?  I have a lot of dead blogs I follow, and maybe blogger's doing a purge on inactive accounts?

Either way, Q, I'm not sure if I want to do another show anytime soon.  You're bad juju, bro.

Oh... and Q?  There's something you should know...

I blog nekkid.  We just did a blog radio show.  Do the math...

If you'd like to listen in on the chaos, feel free to hit 'Play' on the podcast below.  It was a great show, and if you missed it, enjoy the laughs!

Listen to internet radio with ThankQ on Blog Talk Radio
Please Share it! :)

11 witty retorts:

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Awesome stuff. Fame at last!

Mooner You Can Call Me Mr. Johnson said...

Brandini. As an Internet dumbass, I can't figure how to listen live, so I'll click the linkster you provided and listen post mortum.

As for the lost followers, fuck 'em. My Twitter Follower account gains and loses five every day.

Gutless wonders each and all.

Zombie said...

So cool man! Congrats on the radio spot! :D

Lady Estrogen said...

I will listen now - for sure :)

Pickleope said...

I find it hard to believe that the same stuff you blog about every day somehow lost you followers because they heard it in audio format. You painted using your dingus as the brush, but your 5,000th gentle crack on Mormons was somehow the last straw?
Right on for you getting on the radio...but watch out for video because I hear it killed the radio star.

Random Girl said...

How fun! I bet it was a blast, I'll have to check out your radio work when I get a sec! Don't let the exodus make you paranoid, you rock!

Pearl said...

Wheeee! Surely fame, fortune, and a resultant future appearance on Celebrity Rehab is in your future!



danjor21 said...

I'm at work so no time to listen right now but I will be sure to listen in when I get home.

Dale said...

Congrats on your radio! That's so cool and yes it's nice to know it does still exist. That is strange though about the loss of followers, maybe Google is doing that. Also, I just heard Google is doing away with GFC next March so maybe it won't matter anyway. Keep tweeting and using your other outlets including radio to get the word out there. Funny show! And thanks for the Idaho facts, I didn't know it was the meth capital. I thought that the town I grew up in was. hehe. Nice post!

Thank, Q said...

For goodness sake, Brandon, I didn't need any type of visual, man! If you were nude during the show, then keep that to yourself because I would have "lost the call" had I known. LOL! I'm already still scarred from your penis painting post.

Jonathan Gaurano said...

Finally! I've been following this blog for a couple months now. And, I'm really happy I was able to hear your voice.

As someone mentioned before. Fame. Fame at last!

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