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Drug Addiction Is Never A Good Thing

I have blogged numerous times about Idaho being the Meth Capital of the United States, but other drugs are very prevalent in this area as well.

While addiction to illegal drugs is still the main focus of many law enforcement agencies, the addiction to legal and prescription drugs is often more severe.

I have a friend who is struggling with an addiction to pain medications, in particular Oxycodone.  She has a prescription of her own, but also has a network of friends she buys the pills from at a hefty price.  Like meth and other drug addictions, the side-effects are severe and most addicts alienate and push away their family and closest friends.

I refuse to talk to her or enable her in any way until she fights her demons and seeks help.

When I had a prescription for morphine-laced cough syrup, I felt half-tempted to take the medication after the need went away, just for the loopy 'high' feelings.  Luckily I decided against it and didn't fall down the path.

If you have been prescribed certain painkillers or antidepressants, make sure you take them only as directed. Take more than you should, and that would essentially be prescription drug abuse on your part.

If you know of someone abusing Oxycodone or any other opiates, check out oxycodone detox centers online.  You may be able to find help curing the addiction, as well as emotional support in getting through a rough road.

And remember, just because the drugs are prescribed doesn't mean they're harmless.

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Nuker Zero said...


How many of them do you think do drugs? :P

Baur said...

@Nuker Zero Hopefully none but I'm sure at least 20 of them do

D4 said...

I had no idea there were detox centers for legal drugs. Luckily enough, I know no one close enough to me that goes hard on any kind of drugs, but I know relatives of a few that do. I guess I can mention this.

Thank, Q said...

I think prescribed drugs are actually more dangerous than street drugs in a lot of ways. Easier access in most cases and the level of addiction can be amazing. The kicker is that you think it's okay because it's prescribed. These meds are easy to steal from people and are often sold on college campuses causing addiction to young kids.

aamedor said...

I live in a drug flled area as well aparetnly my county is one of the top places in america to get prescription pills

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

Anonymous said...


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