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My Obligatory "Merry Christmas" Post

Have a cool yule!

Or, to my non-Christmas people, enjoy your weekend.

Please Share it! :)

7 witty retorts:

Autumnforest said...

Diddly squat, hmm? I always wondered if they diddlied while squatting. Who came up with that term? Have a fun and cozy holiday and for heaven's sake, stay warm.

Mark said...

Merry Christmas to you too. That video was oddly creepy.

Shutterbug said...

merry xmas! :)

Kid Shuffle said...

haha i haven't seen that in forever

On My Soapbox said...

Happy holidays! Bet things will be quiet around your town on xmas.... Watch out for the traffic jams around the temples and churches. ;-)

Bart said...

merry cheersmas.

Mynx said...

Happy Christmas to you. Hope you had a lovely day.

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