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It's Official - Even Jesus Thinks #Tebow is a Little Intense

Southern Idaho is Bronco country.  The Denver Broncos are the closest NFL team, and the Boise State Broncos are a favorite among most Idahoans.

Top it off with this years successes in Denver, thanks in part to Tim Tebow.

Just in case you haven't caught an interview with this kid, Tebow is very religious.  He personally thanks God before and after each game.  After every touchdown he scores, he kneels and prays.

People call it Tebowing, even though other players have done this before.  He's just the most vocal about it.  Almost to the point of being in your face.

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to take Tebow and turn it into an awesome satire:

Sorry Tim... If Jesus thinks you're a little intense, maybe you should back down.

And I agree.  Give the dude a Sunday off, and learn to win on your own.  You're not the only NFL player who prays before games.  Don't make Jesus take sides...

(I especially like how Jesus mentioned he'd take a week off against the Pats, and whaddaya know, Denver gets spanked...)

(I especially especially liked the joke about the Mormons at the end of the video... who knew?  Oh yeah, Jesus knew...)

I'm not here to make fun of the guy (at least, not TOO much...) but Tim?  Seriously?  You're not the only religious NFL player.

Kurt Warner, Reggie White and countless others have been giving props to God long before you came along.  The difference between them and you?  They never shoved it down people's throats.

So.  Timmy.  Thank Him.  Praise Him.  Play football. There's no need to be a TV Evangelist... there are plenty of those out there already...

Oh, and go Panthers.
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11 witty retorts:

Mooner's Full Of Holiday Spirits said...

Brandini. OK, I'll risk The Wrath and be first to comment. I missed this and appreciate your posting it.

Funny, funny stuff.

Timmy is just the most visible extension of the current right-wing Christian "in-your-face" propaganda.

I now turn the TV or radio off when I hear his name.

Bart said...

football is a ladies sport. got nothing on hockey. lol just messing with ya'll

Adsila said...

Haha, I saw the Saturday Night Live skit and thought is was hilarious.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Whether it's Jesus or not who's responsible, Tebow is the man.

Workingdan said...

I heard about this skit...Now I have seen it. Thanks for sharing! Great post!

He is kind of in your face about God, isn't he? I have to agree with you there!

I still like the kid though! I did a post on him too.

Mark said...

Not being an American I really don't know all that much about Tebow. Given how much everyone has been talking about him, it's amazing I don't know anything about him.

Anonymous said...

That skit had me cracking the hell up when I saw it. I don't watch football (because hockey is far superior) but an ex of mine did and would always talk about this kid. I just don't get it. If he's so religious he should realize God has a lot of shit on his plate and probably ISNT helping you with your f'ing GAME!!

D4 said...


Kelly said...

When he does that "bending down on one knee crap", I always wish his damn uniform pants would rip at the crack and everyone will laugh at his dumb ass.

Zombie said...

People need to realize that if there is a god, he has MUCH better things to do than let Tebow win games. lol.

Thank, Q said...

I think the media should get a majority of the blame on this. People have their tongues so far down Tebow's throat that they talk about him and his religion 24/7. I really don't think Tebow does any more than a lot of athletes, but the coverage he receives makes it nauseating.

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