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Hotel Fun: Proofreading the Lol's

In a hotel.


Like always.

And I'm looking for entertainment.

I found myself randomly reading the information sheet on the inside of the door.  It lets you know the layout of your floor (where the ice machine is, etc.) and instructs you on proper disaster measures.

This particular La Quinta had a fun typo.  I'm overlooking the 'pop' machine, since it should be soda (ugh... pop...) but I'm focusing more on the fire safety, if a fire is actually in your room.

What would YOU do if there was a fire inside your hotel room and you weren't able to safely distinguish it??

dis·tin·guish  (d-stnggwsh)
v. dis·tin·guisheddis·tin·guish·ingdis·tin·guish·es
1. To perceive as being different or distinct.
2. To perceive distinctly; discern: distinguished the masts of ships on the horizon.
3. To make noticeable or different; set apart.
4. To cause (oneself) to be eminent or recognized: They have distinguished themselves as dedicated social workers.
To perceive or indicate differences; discriminate: distinguish between right and wrong.

ex·tin·guish  (k-stnggwsh)
tr.v. ex·tin·guishedex·tin·guish·ingex·tin·guish·es
1. To put out (a fire, for example); quench.
2. To put an end to (hopes, for example); destroy. See Synonyms at abolish.
3. To obscure; eclipse.

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7 witty retorts:

Melanie said...

If I had a fire break out in my hotel room and I couldn't distinguish it, I probably should have someone with me that can and would then extinguish it for me. said...

Holy shit it's warm in here...

What is... Is that a...

Is that a fire??

I better poke it to make sure...


Oh crap, I can't safely distinguish this fire... I should probably ask for a second opinion...

Zombie said...

I always find myself reading those little info sheets. lol.

Lady Estrogen said...

That. Is. Awesome.

But I also have to disagree with you on one point - it IS a pop machine.


Pickleope said...

Your comment is exactly what I was thinking. "What's that flickering, Mabel? Where are my glasses? I can't quite make it out...It's either a flock of peaceful birds come to wish us the healthiest of new years or villagers out to get the monster or...Oh my, I do believe it's a fire INSIDE!"

Nuker Zero said...

What they MEAN to say is, throw a suit jacket on it to distinguish AND extinguish said flames.

Thank, Q said...

What's wrong with "distinguishing" a fire? Is it a grease fire? A curtain fire? Identification is important. Then again, I've been known to leave stupid comments.

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