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Hey, Four-Eyes!

For as long as I can remember, my eyesight has been less-than perfect.  There's a big bright world to see out there, and I felt like I was missing out.

Even though I wore them earlier in life to be fashionable, it wasn't until I was 11 that I finally had my first pair of prescription eyeglasses.  The worst part of the entire experience?  The shopping.

I remember looking at dozens of frames.  Picking out a lens tint.  Matching the frames to my face.  Rejection after rejection.

To this day, I'm still picky about what my glasses look like on me.  When I finally find a look I like, it's hard to switch.

Well, I'm about 3 years overdue for my eye exam.

Now that I finally have insurance again, I'm a few weeks away from getting a new eyeglasses prescription.  The decision looms before me... do I get updated lenses, or do I change my overall look again?

I'm thinking it's time for a new me.

Since they're on me all the time, I really do believe that the specs make the man.  As much as I enjoy my current frames, I'm tempted to look for something a little lower-maintenance, while being able to handle my on-the-go lifestyle.  And what better way to browse than looking for glasses online?

I'm a Business 2 Blogger member, and recently saw a job request from  I jumped at the chance to review their site, because I myself am in the market.  What better way to get a new sponsor than to potentially be a new customer?

And odds are I'll be buying at their website.  Their selection is fantastic, and I'm very impressed with their "Virtual Mirror" tool.  The biggest problem I have with frames is matching them to my face, but GlassesUSA overcomes that obstacle.

So there you go.  Stay tuned for a new Brandon in the weeks to come.  When I get them, I'll definitely want to show them off, and if I buy online, I'll be letting you know how that process went.
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Pickleope said...

Go with giant horn-rimmed hipster glasses. Or Velma specs.
One thing I missed in this (and maybe it's because you're going for sponsorship which is a great idea) is, what's holding you back from the laser eye corrective surgery?

Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

About four years ago I found a set of frames that I adore.. I too am in the process of maybe getting some new ones (and contacts). A part of me kind of wants to go on Etsy or something and get some crazy-ass vintage cats-eye frames, just for fun, but only if i can afford more than one pair (need something stylish and oh.. NORMAL to wear day to day)

I'm also looking at buying frames for my older daughter.. I'm just as picky with frames for her, because my mom let me pick out whatever ones I wanted when i got mine, and in retrospect, they were HIDEOUS. Acutally I'm pretty sure they were mens, and not cool mens glasses. I love my daughter in dark frames (she looks like such a little scene kid lol) but she won't wear them as much.

*sigh* Good luck with the search.

D4 said...

Good for you, going with change! And uhm, thanks for that link actually. I'm in need of a pair and wasn't quite sure where to start. That's definitely appreciated right now.

Melanie said...

Change can be good. I myself just got new frames (after about three years too...I usually wear my contacts) and I LOVE them! It was a total boost!

Bart said...

get some of them laser eyes. doooo eeeeeiiitttt!

Vapid Vixen said...

My vote is for those black and white swirly glasses that can hypnotize people. Think of the havoc you could wreak on the Mormons!

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Proud spectacle wearer myself, nice post.

Drivebot said...


also for anyone reading this

for all your moustachio needs

Shutterbug said...

buying glasses online is usually cheaper than in stores.

Jonathan Gaurano said...

Personally, I wouldn't buy any glasses in real life. Rather, after the eye exam - go to your nearest online store and get them for cheap. I believe there are even some sites that do it for free!!!!

I think have some - or whatever. Life is gorgeous! By the way FOUR EYES ROCK! I never hide from them as I wear them on the front page of everything I do (:

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