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Idahoans in the National News: Obama Assassination Attempt, or Just Plain Stupid?

It's for self-defense.  I swear...
Idaho Falls made national headlines recently, as one of our locals is being accused of trying to assassinate the President.

On 11/11/11, Idaho Falls resident Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested for allegedly firing shots at the White House with an assault rifle.

According to court documents, Ortega-Hernandez referred to President Obama as "the antichrist" and told friends he "needed to kill him."

But wait, it gets better.

In a video, taped in order to get on the Oprah show (I thought Oprah was off the air??), Ortega-Hernandez calls himself the "Second coming of Jesus Christ."

(This video was recorded in September by a Student at Idaho State University, 2 months prior to the assassination attempt)

Whether Ortega-Hernandez actually believes it to be true or not, this video opened up the possibility for an insanity plea.  Recent news reports are showing, however, that he has been found competent to stand trial for attempting to assassinate the President.  

Ok, two things:

Idiot of the year?  Maybe.
First, if you're going to try and kill the President, make sure he's in town.  During the shooting, Obama was actually en route to Hawaii.  


Secondly, it doesn't surprise me this crackpot is from Idaho Falls.  Goofballs like him are a dime a dozen out here.  In fact, I was at a bar recently when I overheard two guys talking about this man.

(and no, FBI, I didn't see faces and won't testify.  This was overheard, so don't bother me)

The guys were mentioning how their bud Oscar "had the balls to do what we all wanted to do but never would" in taking a shot at Obama.  I can understand disliking a President.  I can understand people regretting the fact he was elected.  But people cheering-on an assassin?  That's low.  I mean, I couldn't STAND Millard Fillmore back in the day, but you never saw ME plotting to kill him...

Ortega-Hernandez is one of a SMALL handful of people throughout history to be accused of a Presidential assassination attempt.  This is a pretty exclusive club, so Idaho now has one more thing (besides potatoes) to be famous for.

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10 witty retorts:

Pickleope said...

Didn't know he was an Idahoan. His haircut alone should qualify him for the insanity plea. As for those guys you overheard, that's the level of discourse nowadays sadly (awesome Filmore shout-out by the way).
So much vitriol. Which is why I want to campaign as an anti-pundit candidate. Both sides are vile, venom-spewing jackasses. Limbaugh, Beck, Olberman, all of them, gone! Vote for Pickleope, I haven't forced anyone's head into my lap.

Alice X said...

Wow sounds like he's completely delusional. Second coming of Christ? I think Jesus would be better at speeches by now, he wouldn't have to read from notes.

after3 said...

I remember hearing about that.... but it seemed like it just disappeared from the news.... around here anyway. It's cool to get a follow up. a3

Zombie said...

I am gonna go ahead and say just plain dumb. But I guess its peoples job to freak out when it comes to the president. lol.

Lady Estrogen said...

Ummm... congrats, Idaho?
What an effin' idiot, indeed.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Sadly there seems to be a contingent in America who tink it is ok to shoot people they don't agree with. People like this shouldn't be allowed to have opinions, let alone firearms.

Haven said...

I don't know about you, but I can say NutJob. Obama isn't nearly so bad as say, Bush.

That that there haven't been moments that I haven't considered something rash, like for instance, when Sarah Palin was saying she'd run for President.....

D4 said...

That's a special kind of dumbass.

Al Penwasser said...

That is SUCH an outrageous picture! Self-defense?? What kind of fools does he take us for? That gun is clearly meant for hunting deer. And towns.

Mynx said...

This is like the third post I have read tonight that seems to paint Americans as kinda crazy. Of course I know you are completely normal, right?

Guns and loonies are never a good mix. Just hope nobody got hurt.

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