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Movie Night in Idaho

I, like a lot of people, have and love Netflix.  I abuse the 'streaming' function and was stoked when I could finally use my Wii to stream movies on my TV.

I have an eclectic (understatement) taste when it comes to movies and shows I watch:

As you can see, movies like Pulp Fiction, Super Troopers, Casablanca and Office Space are movies I like.  TV Shows include Dexter, Invader Zim, Dead Like Me, Futurama, etc.  Witty, funny, goofy, classic, I like a wide variety.

When I moved to Idaho, I took notice of Netflix's "local suggestions" category.  What are people watching in Idaho?

Nothing from this century, it seems.  Westerns, 60's and 70's movies were the main suggestions.  I had to dig DEEP to find anything that included strong language, sexuality, or anything "suitable for 17 and over."

Don't get me wrong.  A good Clint Eastwood or John Wayne movie now and then is a good thing.  But the preferences of this town seem to be very narrow.

The #1 movie requested by Netflix members in this town speaks for itself.  According to netflix's judging on my tastes, I would give this movie a rating of 0.6 stars.  7 of the top 10 were 3 stars or less.

So, feeling a bit amused, I looked up what people in my old California town were watching.

Boobs!  Horror movies! Tim Burton!  Now that's what I'm talking about.

It makes me wonder if I went to the local movie theater and got a ticket for Opening Weekend for a movie that has violence, adult themes, etc. if the theater would be as empty as I think?

The Black Swan just came out.  It has lesbian overtones and other naughty bits.  Was the theater empty during it's debut?  Did people whisper their movie selection into the ticket booth, in hopes that people nearby aren't aware that you just bought tickets for a RATED R movie?

If the theater decided to do a "throwback" night, and show Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, or anything starring Dick Van Dyke, I bet it would play to a packed house.
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hi_friend said...

I'm gonna have to try this whole netflix thing

SuperGameBlogTime said...

Thanks for the suggestions.

Kryptik said...

Black Swan is Rated R down there? Good.

In Canada, it's rated 14-A, meaning anyone above the age of fourteen can get in (under-14 has to be accompanied by an 18 yr old). It's only [sarcasm]slightly[sarcasm] disturbing that we are allowing 14yr olds to go and watch a film with a full on masturbation scene.

Natural Peanut Butter said...

haha, that's pretty funny. and i've heard that seven brides for seven brothers is a great movie

ggh4k said...

i agree with natural peanut...good stuff

jake7291 said...

dude, watch Phantasm on there, it's a great movie

Following now

Tsipise said...

This is very interesting. Don't know much about the whole netflix thing. following.

Brandon said...

Yeah the local selection always puzzled me. It seems people around me have some odd tastes in movies as well.

level85nerd said...

i couldnt decide.

andrew said...

Miss march looks really good, gonna watch it soon hopefully :D

my day in a sentence said...

You have good taste! :)
Following and supporting!

stan said...

i love netflix use it all the time

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh- I have the same thing in my town- which is mainly southern baptist- it is all pj movies and old movies. I think that is the reason that I get all of the new movies on dvd the day that they come out because I don't think anyone else is requesting them. I got the hangover 2 in my mailbox the day it was released on netflix. So I guess there is some good that comes from living in a po-dunk town. I found your blog link on Holly's site- some girl left a comment with your blog address. You have a great blog going here.

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