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It's official, I'm a bro.

Well, I have been for a while, but now I have a t-shirt to attest my bro-ness.

This shirt was created by Jeph Jacques, creator of the Questionable Content webcomic.  The backstory of the "Three Cabrolleros" can be found here and here.  The shirt is kind of obscure if you don't get the joke, but it makes me smile.

Why?  Because bros make the world go 'round.

For example:

Joseph Smith may have founded the Mormon Religion, but Broseph Smith taught Jack-Mormons it's still ok to drink and party.

Brotato Salad isn't made with mayonnaise, making it a cold, nasty side-dish.  Instead it uses beer.  And pretzels.  And more beer.

Brose Cuervo does not get you drunk.  It keeps the party going.

Straight guys can also be Bromosexuals.  It just means it's ok to have a sex with a girl when your bro is there, because it's ok to share with a bro.  (remember, it's only gay if the balls touch)

Scarlett Johannson gets upset when her nude pictures leak onto the internet.  But Scarlett Brohannson has no problem showing off the goods, as long as its at a kickin party.

In Hawaii, 'Aloha' means hello, good bye, I love you, I'm slightly constipated, and many many more things.  The mainland equivalent is the Brofist.  You can use it for greeting your bro, congratulating your bro, or using your brofist against someone's head to ward off the non-bro lame-o's.

G.I. Bro wasn't only an American Hero.  He also threw a damn good party, and was popular with the ladies.

Abroham Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1800's, because he knew Hip Hop was going to be AWESOME dance-music for ladies to shake their thing to.

And finally, Bro Pesci is funny.  Like a clown.  He likes to make you laugh.  Because he's a bro.

If you're a bro and want to buy this tshirt, please go to this site.  If I see you walking down the street, I'll yell "BRO!", give you a brofist, and celebrate our camaraderie.
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12 witty retorts:

Alice X said...

I totally just bro fisted that picture. The fact that i'm a woman and still bro fisted it is a testament to the power of broness.

aamedor said...

this post made me laugh, thanks bro

LilPixi said...

F-ing hilarious!! Brotato salad is my favorite! I can't wait to use it.

The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

"Quiet! You're in the library!"

"bros bros bros...."

Lady Estrogen said...

Funny.. but... BUT...
That pic is totally missing the best part, I think.
That, and you have pants on.



D4 said...

Every time I see this shirt I want to buy it more and more.

Also, balls are touching, I really really missed that.

Zombie said...

Well that was one hell of a brost my bro.

Thank_Q said...

"Abroham Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1800's, because he knew Hip Hop was going to be AWESOME dance-music for ladies to shake their thing to?"

Dude, you are nuts! LOL!

JayJay said...

Loving the puns. Plus, Questionable Content is one of my favourite web comics.

Technosauce said...

Maximum over-bro.

Vapid Vixen said...

I saw the beginning of the Joseph Smith line and groaned inside thinking "here comes the Mormon bashing". Then I finished the sentence and burst out laughing. Awesomeness is what that is. Well done, Brother Bro.

Random Girl said...

I love Lady E's comment, I agree bro, no pants is the way to go...

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