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Staying Cool in the Summer Heat - Watermelon Martini

Watermelon is a cool, sweet, refreshing way to make your summer days enjoyable.  During the summer months, watermelons are found on many a picnic table.  I'd like to show you a fun way to take this tasty treat from the lunch plate to the barstool.

Introducing:  The summer watermelon martini.

You need 4 ingredients to make this refreshing drink:

  • Personal-sized watermelon (seedless is less prep-work, but if you don't mind taking out seeds, the seeded watermelons are much juicier)
  • Ice (not a lot, just a little to make it slushy)
  • and the secret ingredient... watermelon vodka.
The vodka is the main component to this drink.  Regular vodka and the taste of alcohol is too strong.  Watermelon vodka is sweet, and makes this drink more about the rich melon flavor, and less about the booze.

But don't worry, the booze is still there.

Step one is to take about a dozen ice cubes and grind them up in the blender.  Watermelon blends easily, ice does not.  The pre-crush will make the drink much less chunky.

After chopping the melon into small pieces, place them on top of the chopped ice into the blender.

Add 5oz of watermelon vodka into the mix.  One blender-full will make about 4 servings, so booze-up accordingly (I played it a little conservative...)

Set the blender to the 'puree' setting, and let it do its thing for about 10 seconds.  Pour and serve.

If you feel creative, you can save a few pieces of melon to use as a garnish.  


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Annabelle said...



A Beer for the Shower said...

I've tried this before with regular vodka and didn't like how it came out. You're absolutely right, too much alcohol taste. Will have to try this with watermelon vodka.

Byakuya said...

Looks delicious, I think I might go out and buy some watermelon now =3

Bart said...

lol good idea... should do that today/ thanks

Autumnforest said...

Num-Num! Or is that numb-numb? Hmm.... I have to work today, but this sounds like the way to finish a work day to me. Have a great 4th!

Lady Estrogen said...

Mmmmm - I want one right now.
Now that's some ICE I would surely enjoy. Wait. What?

Adsila said...

Yum, it looks good and refreshing..... cheers!

Eat Lead said...

man that looks good

Tony Van Helsing said...

Needs some cider in it.

Alice X said...

Yum! Liking the new layout by the way, very nice.

Cheeseboy said...

This drink almost makes me want to stop Mormoning. Almost.

BTW, I had my first graders sing that Gummy Bear song a while back and now I can't STAND that damn song. It's the worst.

Cosmo 'The Ass-man' Kramer said...

Looks damn delicious

Pickleope said...

I tried something similar where instead of blending, you cut the top off a watermelon the night before and pour in the booze and let it soak. It's great until you black out because you have no idea how much alcohol you're taking in when you're eating it rather than drinking it.
I'll follow your advice and blend next time.

Squatlo said...

I've tried Pickleope's recipe myself, and it is indeed deadly. Sounds like a nice summer quaff, Brandon, wish I hadn't already started knocking back Cosmo's on the porch, I'd travel for a melon and a bottle!

Hey, have a good one, man! Glad I found this site way back when!

Zombie said...

oh my god that looks so good!! By the way, I would like to interview you for my next interview segment. Please email me back at so we can get started. :)


This looks delicious, I would like to try it!

Lendo Khar said...

Has a nice colour and looks delicious, I might try because it's winter here and that would warm me up a bit.

Mama Spaghetti said...

That looks absolutely fabulous! I must find friends like you to celebrate the 4th of July with next year.

Hope you had a great one!

tamezisclutch said...

Looks so good for a hot summer day!

Mynx said...

I love icy pink drinks especially when they come with a kick

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