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I'm a total BILF! (wait, what?)

Yes, I'm a BILF!

That is, someone considers me a "Blogger I'd Like to Fuck."

In other words, I'm wanted.  I'm desired.

Even if it's only in a digital way...

Miss Jewels recently created this award (with a little egging on) and I'm happy to say I was the second person ever to be given this award!

(The first was Q, and I'm not mad.  I knew Jewels was into the chocolate swirl, so I can't blame her...)

So, like all the other blogging STD's awards out there, I need to pass this one along...

First off is my wonderful girlfriend, who blogs over at Yesterday's Echo Scrapbooks.  It's more of a niche blog, so I don't expect a bajillion of you to go over and follow her, but I'd be in a LOT of trouble if she wasn't #1 on my fuckable list.

Next up is my old High School bud Tara at the No Tell Motel.  She works in the hotel industry, and always has an interesting story or two to share.  Plus, back in the day she was a CHEERLEADER in school!  Instant fuckability, especially if she still has that uniform (wink wink).

Next is Annah at Red Means Go.  Why is she fuckable?  Well, she's attractive, she's funny, she knows how to draw, and I've always wanted to have some latin spice in my life  If you're not following her blog, you need to.

Heather at My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream needs to be on this list.  She's creative in her writing, which means she must be creative in the sack as well.  Besides, she's the founder of Blogger Idol.  If I want to be in it next year, what better way to get an 'in' than actually being 'in' the main person??

Lastly, I have to HAVE to choose Lynn from Thoughts of a Randomista.  Why?  Well, she's afraid of white-boy penises (she calls em 'Raw Chicken') and I'm just doing this to make her squirm.  Sometimes fucking can be sexy, but this one is more about the lols.  HERE I COME, BABY!

So there you go.  The first one of these bloggers to make a sextape with me wins, um, something.  I'll figure that out later.... call me!
Please Share it! :)

14 witty retorts: said...

Oh, and probably Lady E too.

I guess.

Just thinking, she's a horny one. If she sees all this fuckin and doesn't get some herself, her brain will explode.

...and I don't want to end up having to clean up that shit... so yeah. You too, doll! :D

The Simple Dude said...

Being a BILF recipient from Jewels mysef I debated how I could possibly pass the award along without coming across as a creepy perv. Perv I can handle, it was the creepy part I worried about.

But you did a great job with it, so now I feel I am off the hook and won't need to pay it forward... or would it be "lay it forward" ?? Huh? Yeah.. I went there.


Thank, Q said...

I'm with Simple Dude. I was wondering how I could pass this on without looking like I blog stalk for all of the wrong reasons. Thanks, B, for laying out a blueprint on how it can be done.

Now, I need to find a way for The Mrs. not to look one-sided at me after I post it.

Anonymous said...

Can it be true that I have finally found a way to objectify men that they can't then pass back to women? Have I created an award to controversial that men are at once thrilled to get it but afraid to pass along? I love that! haha.

Come on guys...all our followers know us well enough to know that it is all in good fun. I get the reservation but at Brandon showed it doesn't have to be creepy at all. You're not posting from a white van in front of a bar late at night are you? Are you!? Oh God, you are aren't you!!!

*runs away*

aamedor said...

lol gratz

Vinny C said...

I'm just enjoying keeping track of how this is turning out.

Lady Estrogen said...

I dunno if I should be satisfied or not that I was merely an after-thought. Ho hum.


Thank, Q said...

LOL @ Jewels!

Anonymous said...

bilf lol, bqmf in spanish, Blogger que me follaría.

in bed with married women said...

annah also has really good looking boobs. (annah, if you see this, i mean that in a totally not-weird way. i think.)

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Annah is cool for sure plus she has nice cleavage. I can't believe you forgot Lady E off the list, for shame! said...

No no, I purposefully forgot her. She's the jealous type, so I had to get under her skin a little.

after3 said...

that's the highest of honors. the sexiest blogger is like being the smartest retard. but I'm, a little jealous.


Random Girl said...

Good picks! As a BILF recipient from my darling Jewels as well, I assure you Lady E will be well cared for over at my place. She has the best toys from what I hear....
And I'm proud of Jewels for making the boys squirm a little, that's fun!

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