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More fun than football on a Sunday? Power Tools & Beer (Don't try this at home)

Way back in April, I posted about a woodworking project I'd be starting once I had the time.  I would be building a scrapbooking desk for my girlfriend, so she would have massive amounts of workspace and storage.

As I mentioned back then, I have never done this before.  Nervous then, nervous now.

Yesterday, we finally began the actual process.  She had designed the blueprints for the desk, and we had purchased the wood.  Now, it was time to start cutting, and turning planks into a desk.


She called her friend D, who works in contruction.  She brought the tools and the expertise, and in return, I brought the beer.  While D was drawing out the cut lines and the gf was assisting, I went to work cutting.

D fucking rocks.
Surprisingly enough, things went very smoothly, and we are now ahead of schedule.  We should finish up with the cutting by the end of next week, and can start on painting/assembly a week sooner than expected.

So Brandon, why is it taking weeks instead of hours?

Just look at the amount of wood we purchased:

  • 7 planks of 1/2 inch thick wood
  • 6 planks of 3/4 inch thick wood
  • 1 thin board for shelving
This is a big project.  There is going to be storage and shelves galore, and over 125 square feet of tabletop work space.  Gigantic desk, but when finished, the girlfriend is going to have a much easier time getting projects done.

By the way, drinking and power tools don't mix.  Don't try this at home, kids.  By the end of the evening, we were doing 'saw off' races with jigsaws and goofy stuff like that.

As the desk progresses, I'll post pictures.  Mainly because this is my way of bragging.  I have never created something so massive before, and it's overwhelming me that I can actually do it.  Plus it's fun.

It makes me feel... manly.   Like I'm actually good with tools... or something.
Please Share it! :)

11 witty retorts:

A Beer for the Shower said...

I've never attempted this before, but I'm a big advocate of working on cars while drinking beer. See, you cut yourself more often because you're drunk, but the alcohol numbs the pain so you can't even tell you're cut. It also helps clot the blood faster. Or maybe it doesn't! I know nothing about science.

Stephanie Dorman said...

AWESOME. I want a desk like that - maybe I can convince to build me one into whatever hour he buys.

Anonymous said...

great! nice way to spend your free time :]

Pickleope said...

The last time I worked with wood it was in shop class stereotypically taught by a teacher missing 2 fingers. Good on you crafting something...just watch your fingers unless you want the nickname "Stubby".

Melanie said...

Yeah, you could build a small home with that much wood! Good luck...can't wait to see the finished product!

danjor21 said...

I drink beer during every project I do!

If I'm going to do
If I cook
If I'm watching

You get the picture. If the project doesn't make you feel manly, the beer will!

Anonymous said...

Anytime you work with power tools, engines, fireworks, gasoline, lawn mowers, or tractors or other farm tools... I strongly advise having beer handy! Kudos on starting a huge project. I cannot wait to see how it comes together.

Zombie said...

Oh gosh that doesnt sound very safe at all... O.o

Vicky said...

Wait until you mix beer and welding become Darth Vader LOL

D4 said...

Aww it feels good? I wanna try..

Shutterbug said...

can't wait to see the finished desk!

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