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Black Friday is Starting Early - BOGO on Ad Rates

The Holiday season is becoming more and more focused on Money.  Stores have sales starting as soon as the Turkey hits the table, and it goes all the way to (and through) Christmas.

Spending money, making money, getting money as a present, etc.  Cash is King.

Which is why I have decided to do my little part in the mix.  I would like to offer a discount on ad rates from now until Christmas.

Purchase an ad on My Own Private Idaho, and I'll double the amount of weeks.  In other words, if you by ad space for a 4 week period, I'll leave the ad up for 8 weeks total.

Think of it as one more BOGO deal for the holidays.  But this one will draw more eyes to your website.

For more information on ad spaces, please go to the advertising page.  In order to qualify, the transaction needs to be completed by 11:59pm (Mountain time) on Christmas Eve.  Once I hear Santa's sleigh hit my roof, the sale is over.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Thanksgiving!  And enjoy the cold weather!
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7 witty retorts:

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the giving spirit has found its way onto your blog! LOL!

Kid Shuffle said...

i would buy ad space, but i enjoy the lingerie ad you've got tbh

Tony Van Helsing said...

Oh no, even you are jumping on the cash -in Christmas bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I decided to only do handmade gifts, best decision ever.

G said...

I do all mine on Christmas Eve...the impending deadline helps focus my shopping mind

Lady Estrogen said...

What was that currency you were talking about the other day?
Yes. That.

THE SNEE said...

BOGO Ads! Now that is really funny! I wish I'd thought of it. Happy Turkey Day Brandon!

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