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Meet Pandora (aka: Dora the Explorer)

Against my better judgement, I decided to get a kitten one random afternoon.  I'm not entirely sure why, but it just seemed like a neat thing to do.

At this points, I already have 2 cats, a dog, and a feral girlfriend, so what's one more animal in the mix?

It started off casually, just looking for the right cat.  I was picky with what I wanted, partly in a way to talk myself out of it.

And there she was.

Her name was Narnia.  *ack*

The second we brought her home, it was her house.  The other animals were simply there for her amusement, and she had to explore every inch of the house.  Dora the Explorer fit her well.

After talking to my boys about what would be good names, they were torn between Dora (Youngest's pick) and Sammy (Oldest's).  I already have a dog named Sammy (kind of. ex's dog now, I lost Sam in the divorce so to speak) so I decided Dora was the fit.

But not completely.  Not sure how I got there, but Pandora ultimately fit better.  Big name for a little kitten.

I now have two cats that can't meow properly.  Weeble makes more of a SQUEEE sound, and Dora creaks like a rusty door.  They need to start a sound effects company, because the noises that come out of their tiny mouths are hilarious.

So, three cats.  Doe that make me a crazy cat lady?

Do I need to get these kinds of stickers for my car?

Please Share it! :)

14 witty retorts:

Haven said...

My cat thinks he's human and has full and proper conversations with me. As long as I talk back he'll keep right on talking to me.

Pickleope said...

You're not technically a crazy cat lady, but there is a law of exponential craziness with cats, each one you get adds to your nuttiness. Just another step down the spiral staircase of lunacy. If you find yourself collecting newspapers and engaging in other hoarder-like activity, you need to lose the cats.

Lady Estrogen said...

Yes, you ARE that crazy cat lady. lol
Feral girlfriend... haha - nice.
I'm sure she loves being referred to that; it's love.

Cats, in my opinion, are only good for 1 thing, but I won't say it.

The Simple Dude said...

You're on your way to crazy, but still within the "fairly sane" category for now.

Yesterday my Lady Friend came up with the idea of getting a rabbit. Why a rabbit? We'd prefer a dog but not until we move into a bigger house, and she's not much of a cat person.

I'm on the fence here... sure they look cute and everything, but can a dude without kids keep his man card owning a rabbit? Sigh..


D4 said...

You can't be a crazy cat lady, though. Not because you have a penis, just because you need more cats. Get more cats!

Annabelle said...

So effing cute!

Suniverse said...

Those stickers make me murderous. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I want to kill when I see them.

Love the kitty!

Anonymous said...

The kitty is cute but just looking at it makes me sneeze. I have to's borderline crazy cat guy. Watch yourself or you'll end up an animal hoarder!

Melanie said...

No, no, no...first of all, you can be male and be a crazy cat lady...I know this because my husband is...I will not be sharing how many cats reside in our home, but I will tell you that you are still in the "normal" range...unless you are talking to someone who can't admit to not liking cats but just decided one day that they didn't like them and they tell everyone they have a cat allergy. Ever notice that?

W.C.Camp said...

Oh yes beware - you are well on your way to being THAT lady at WalMart with the six 25 pound bags of kitty kibble and only one 9 pound bag of litter. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN! W.C.C.

Mynx said...

She is a beautiful kitty. As for being a crazy cat LADY. Well unless you have been fooling us all, you don't have the right bits for that role. However, I a certain you can be a loony cat MAN as we have a regular customer who is just one of those. He is a bit odd though.

Just a thought, is this payback for the dog? A kitten can cause a bit of trouble

Mooner Johnson said...

Brandini. Dude. You need to get a grip. I managed to spend my entire life without a cat until six months ago.

The fucking cat has managed to educate me as to why not having a cat was the preferred lifestyle.

I also think that cats make women unreasonable, finicky and stubborn. Normal, sane women become possesed after extended exposure.

Hide the sharp knives.

Zombie said...

My cat would always make it a point to walk right on my laptop.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Ok, so I've got you beat and have 4 feline slave drivers. However, you are close to having a clowder. My one cat doesn't meow either, she squeaks or she just makes the motion and no sound comes out. My cousin sent me that same picture last week. She said she saw it and thought of me. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.

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