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Bored in a hotel room, wishing I could be doing this instead

Bad.  Ass.

I need to get a flute again, so I can do this when I have time.

What dreams did you have when you were younger that faded with time?  Do you have any regrets?
Please Share it! :)

8 witty retorts:

aamedor said...

nice, hes got skill

Lady Estrogen said...

I would love to see you do that!!

D4 said...

Get the flute. Do that. Show us results! :D

Autumnforest said...

Can 26 years of marriage be my regret? Well, as far as not fulfilling a dream--I'd say I wish I had seen another country by now. It pisses me off that I haven't yet.

Josie said...

That IS bad ass. But how come flute players always do that thing with their eyebrows when they play???

Pickleope said...

That's pretty great. Puts my kazoo skills to shame.
I used to dream about being the less-white Larry Bird (that dude was opaque).

Zombie said...

Gangster and nerdy all at the same time! O.o

Adsila said...

I want to do what he is doing. That is so cool!

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