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Where was this a year ago??

Found ALL OVER Idaho this past weekend:


Soooo many businesses are hiring in my area.  From minimum wage to salary jobs, Southern Idaho is hiring.

Where was this shit a year ago?  When I first moved to Idaho, I made minimum wage at a car dealership for 3 weeks, then was out of work for another 4 1/2 months...

...well, at least it means the economy is showing signs of recovery.  Maybe not for the entire US, but Idaho seems to be getting better.


In case you missed it, the fantastic Lady Estrogen hijacked my blog last week with her amusing tales of Canada.  Well, it's time to return the favor.  You can find today's REAL post over at Adventures in Estrogen.

Warning:  It's about how I lost my virginity.  TMI maybe, but it's a funny-ass story. 

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