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Welcome to Preston Idaho. No Rex Kwan Do, No Llamas

I'm in Utah this week, and decided to drive into Logan through southeast Idaho.  This scenic route took me through Preston, ID.  Home of Napoleon Dynamite.

Yes, another thing Idaho is "famous" for (BIG air-quotes there...)

I drove through town, looking for any landmarks I could find from the movie.  I couldn't find Napoleon's house, and I couldn't find Rex Kwan Do.

Which is a shame, because I wanted to try out my mad nunchuck skills...

There was also a very blatant lack of llamas in town.  Maybe Napoleon owned the sole llama, and since it's a fictional movie, all the llamas in town are fictional as well...

No ligers.

No Pedro.

No LaFawnduh.

In fact, no minorities to be seen at all.  Just farmers.  A few shops and stores.  A Burger King.  But not a lot more than that.

I know this is an "I'll do my thing, you do yours, and let's leave each other alone" state, but if I were in the chamber of commerce, I'd be milking every tourism dollar I could.  It's mentioned briefly on Preston's website, but I missed all the attractions (maybe I should go to their tourism agency and try again?)

Preston's website also mentions a Napoleon cartoon coming out soon, and is hoping a resurgence of tourism "from all around the world" when it launches.


You could come to town and play tetherball!

You could compete in tater-tot-eating contests!

You can do some sweet jumps on your friend's bicycle!

Or you could keep on driving, like I did.

Sorry, Preston.
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12 witty retorts:

Lady Estrogen said...

Did I ever tell you that I have a "Vote for Pedro" tshirt? Because, gosh, I sure do!

Zombie said...

Awwww... no Rex Quan Do?? just smash all my dreams why dont ya?

Pickleope said...

Whoa whoa whoa! Let not be so quick to condemn Preston. They have a lot going for them. For instance, I have a PO Box there because Preston is a tax shelter, like how companies use Caribbean islands. They also have...uh...waffles. Yeah, they probably have waffles. They also have the best Meth this side of the Mexican border. (Call me Preston, I am available to run your tourism bureau...presuming I don't have to move there.)

Josie said...

The amount of beer they sell in Preston could be noteworthy since Idaho has a higher alcohol percentage than Utah. I've been on a lot of beer runs when we had to 'cross the border' for more reserves.

And what Pickelope says about Meth, is probably accurate.

And they don't have THE Pedro, but they have a few. I've dated some of them.

Shutterbug said...

Napoleon Dynamite was such an epic movie! :P

D4 said...

Even if it had all it should have.. I wouldn't stop there..

AllenTesch said...

But I just went through a travel agent and booked a big stay there for me and my girlfriend.

the Tsaritsa said...

A tatertot eating contest sounds on-point. Where do I sign up?!

Smart Ass Sara said...

No llamas? That's a damn shame. Someone told me you can ride a llama? I have yet to have this confirmed but if that's the case, I might prefer a llama over a fainting goat.

Thank, Q said...

I never saw the movie, but I know it's a cult classic. Is it worth seeing or will I be disappointed like "The Breakfast Club?"

Anonymous said...

Napoleon Dynamite and Uncle Rico were in Ririe last weekend. At least at the party I attended. HAHA you didn't check out the DI?

Preston however is really pretty lame. My husband works with the guy who's grandparents own the actual house that was used for Napoleon's.

Anonymous said...

Finally remembered.... Want to see a liger - at least one that used to be alive. Hogle zoo in Salt Lake City. They bred one and had it in the zoo. They have since stuffed it, but that is part of the Liger thing. I bet the other part was a place called Liger town. Big animal abuse thing.

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