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Entertaining Myself in a Hotel Room

I travel.  A lot.

And that's ok.

Sure it sucks to be away from home 3-4 nights a week, but it's a living.  I make decent money, and the harder I work now, the easier it will be for me later.

But... honestly?  I get bored.

I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms.  My clients are open during business hours, so when they all shut down at 6, so do I.  Sometimes I work out.  Sometimes I watch TV.  Sometimes I go out, have some drinks, and meet new people.  Mostly, I just keep the momentum going and work from my laptop until I can't stand it anymore.

Because there's nothing better to do.

Recently, I googled "fun things to do in a hotel" and found a few pranks websites.  The devil-horns start to peek out, as my grin grows.

Seriously, I looked like the Grinch when I first discovered these bad boys.

Some pranks involve knocking on two doors side-by-side, yelling "ROOM SERVICE!" and then hiding.  Watching them argue with each other about who knocked whom's door sounds kind of funny, but I'll pass.

Another prank suggest buying a universal remote with a long range, and walking down the hallway turning TV's on and off, turning up the volume, etc.  (I have one of these remotes at home.  It *MAY* need to come with me next week...)

And then there are these ideas...

I found this picture off Damn Cool Pictures.  A comedian named Bert Kreischer always leaves something "fun" for his room service to clean up when he leaves a hotel room.  Click the link above to see the pictures, but some involve fake blood, rearranging furniture, and stuffing what looks like dead bodies in the mini-fridge.

If I ever grow some MAJOR balls, and don't mind a hefty cleanup fee, I'll give this one a try.

For now, if you hear a knock on the door and nobody's there, it's probably just me entertaining myself.
Please Share it! :)

11 witty retorts:

Random Girl said...

I hate the hotel boredom that comes without having a play date with me on travels. The whole "leaving a surprise for the maid service" thing seems a little all for not though, you won't even be there to see the reaction so where is the fun in that? You can do better. I know you and your devious mind can do better

Lady Estrogen said...

The legs under the bed is awesome - but I agree with Random - I'd have to be able to see their faces somehow.
Although, really, I'm sure they've seen it all by now.

Pickleope said...

Wait, when you Googled that, you weren't flooded with a tsunami of porn? If I were on the road as much as you, my right arm would be ripped and I'd be a Dan Aykroyd level alcoholic (possibly Lindsay Lohan level).

Adsila said...

I will have to google that website the next time I am in a hotel and bored to death with no wifi to check my emails and blog.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Dan Ackroyd's an alcoholic?

Zombie said...

Next time I get a hotel I am totally trying the dead body trick!!

D4 said...

You should record the double knock in action.

middle child said...

Ah. I'd be too chicken to do any of that stuff. Now throwing something random in someone's grocery cart while they aren't looking?.....that'd be fun.

~Jazz said...

A lot of motels have started bolting everything down... Fun haters.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'd be too busy watching their porn channel.

Thank, Q said...

We used a remote in a sports bar once. I'm so glad we didn't get caught because I was scared for my life after the 5th time we changed the channel from the Saints game.

That website is pretty cool. The toilet monster was my fave.

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