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Hi, Twitter. What's For Dinner? #nomnomnom

I spend a lot of time on the road, thanks to my job.  I'm always looking for new and exciting places to eat.  Fast food gets boring quickly, and so do TV dinners or making sandwiches.

I like to eat out.

And if I'm in a new area, what better place to eat than a local place?

I started messing around twitter, and seeing if there were any business paying attention when I sent out my requests.  A few weeks ago when I was in Boise.  I tweeted "I'm in #Boise Idaho and looking for a great local place to eat.  Suggestions?"  and hit paydirt.

Chandlers Steakhouse saw my "I'm in Boise, I'm hungry, what do I do?" tweet and sent me a message.  I checked them out, and was completely impressed.   Now, if I want a great steak or am entertaining clients in Boise, Chandlers is my place to go.

Great job, twitter.  You found me a great place.

I'm in Utah this week, and wanted to put twitter to the test again.  Monday I was in Logan, and tweeted up.  A fellow blogger (and Logan resident) told me about a place in town called The Bluebird.

It's a quaint little restaurant / candy shoppe / soda fountain in downtown logan.  It's been around for nearly 100 years, and looks the part inside.  Service was fast and friendly, the food was excellent (gigantic Prime Rib plus all the extras for $9.99??  WHOA!) and I left happy.

At first I was a little worried.  I felt like the only one in the building not wearing a CTR ring or with 6 children.  But the Utah mormons aren't as kooky as the Eastern Idaho mormons.  People were friendly, laid back, and easy going.

(My theory of the 'crazies' being kicked out of Utah and pushed into Idaho still remains intact...)

Good job again, twitter.

Tuesday was Lunch in Layton, and a great Italian joint found me.  Today will be Spanish/American Fork for lunch, or Cottonwood Heights for dinner.  We'll see.

"What's for dinner, Twitter?" is a fun game to play.  If you're in an unfamiliar area and feel like rolling the dice with a tweet, I'd highly recommend it.  I haven't found a bad place yet.
Please Share it! :)

10 witty retorts:

after3 said...

Thats awesome. I cant imagine how people lived before the digital age.


Dale said...

haha, great post. I love that twitter can be so helpful especially when it's dinner time. I'm getting more and more into twitter so I'm going to have to try this. Looks like you definitely found some good (super affordable) places to eat. If I'm ever in Idaho, Chandlers sounds great since I love Steak!

Thank_Q said...

Wow. How cool is social networking when it's used for something other than gossip or tweet beefs?

D4 said...

I want a steak now. I haven't had a steak in years. Literally, seriously, years.

AllenTesch said...

I suppose finding a good place to eat through twitter is better than talking about what you just ate through twitter.

danjor21 said...

It's always great to stumble upon a good restaurant!

Anonymous said...

Sorry darlin', I beg to differ. You haven't seen Utah Mormons. SOOOO NUTS! They are the Mormons the rest of the Mormons can't stand. You haven't seen them outside of public. Have you been to Provo? I would totally reccomend a couple of Mormons making fun of Mormons movies.

Mobsters and Mormons
The Single's Ward
Start there. You will see.

Zombie said...

Hmmm... I have never tried that before. Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

lol'd, great twitter, at least is useful!

-Cam said...

There is an Italian place in Cottowood Heights, UT called Trio. It's yummy.

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