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No Girls Allowed

When I was 8, "No Girls Allowed" was a way of declaring a cootie-free zone.  Boys wanted to do boy things, and didn't want icky girls ruining their fun.

This sign would hang from bedroom doors.  From tree houses.  It was a line drawn in the sand.  And it rarely ever worked.

Saying "you can't come here" only made the girls more interested, and more persistent.

This is why us adult men strive for "The man cave" ...yet include a stripper pole.

You think us bros are going to be dancing on that thing?  No way.  It's a plan B, just in case a woman (or her hot friends) decide to breach the 'dude only' zone and enter our sanctum santorum.

You're totally not allowed.  Go away.

What?  Not going away?

Ok, come on in.

Can I pour you a drink (or six)?

Oh, look, did you see my stripper pole?  Are you any good?

Now that I have explained why men still use the "No girls allowed" approach, Dr. Pepper, I salute you for this following ad:

I love Dr. Pepper, so I'll be trying this out.  If it doesn't have the shitty diet aftertaste, I may give it a shot.  As for the marketing, not only are they marketing a diet soda to men, but they're adding the 'it's not for women' mantra to make women want it even more.  

Or... could it be DP is actually taking the misogynistic approach?  Women, what do YOU say?  I have more women reading my blog than men, so I am interested in your opinion.

Oh, and just FYI ladies... it may be called a 'man cave,' but when I have one, you're all welcome to visit.  (and yes, there will be a stripper pole...)
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21 witty retorts:

Lady Estrogen said...

Gotta love the marketing approach on this one. "Humm.. it's diet, but we still want guys to drink it.. hummm"

FYI - I don't know about the stripper pole, but I'll do a Coyote Ugly dance on your bar. How's that?

Haven said...

Puh-lease. Everyone knows it's boys that have the cooties. Not girls. =)

I don't drink pop of any kind really so I won't be swayed by any reverse psychology advertising, but I find it humorous regardless.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I LOVE Dr Pepper!!!

My daughter only hangs out with boys so she'd be disgusted if she came across one of these signs.

She was recently chosen for the A Team Under 9 Cricket Team. And She was selected Captain!

TexaGermaNadian said...

I was totally thinking that if this post didn't go to the new DP product, I was going to mention it. Those commercials are ridiculous, but funny. Hey, they have us talking about the product, don't they?!
Just stumbled across your blog, and likey. :)

The Green Chimp said...

It seems to me that the reverse psychology approach is working. I've seen several women on Twitter and Facebook posting about the taste of Dr.Pepper 10. Well, complaining about the taste is a better way to put it.

I would suggest adding a "No UGLY Girls Allowed" sign to the stripper pole. That would almost surely guarantee that any woman who enters the "man cave" would have a bout with her ego and vanity and end up on the pole just to say that she's not ugly.

Great post!

Pickleope said...

It's been so long since I've heard or seen the word cootie that at first I thought it was an Idaho specific euphemism for lady drapes.
And that add is totally reverse psychology. "Dr. Pepper, with all that estrogen you'll just cry uncontrollably after a sip. Dr. Pepper, get your milky feed sacks away from this manly fizzy drink."

The Angry Lurker said...

Good vid but we'll see about the taste.

D4 said...

Firtly, the psychology used on that commercial is badass. I won't be trying diet anything, but I like how they go about it.

Secondly, the green chimp is a genius.

Dale said...

haha, I remember guys have these little forts and pre mancaves as kids. Us girls had the same spots, our picnic table on the school ground, NO boys allowed. :) I didn't even realize DP was doing that marketing toward men, I don't think they need to as much. I've never really drank DP and don't know many women that do. :) Thanks for the comment on the layout too, my friend is helping me and I want to make sure it's user friendly.
Have a great day -Dale

Tony Van Helsing said...

We have Working Mens Clubs over here but about 10 years ago they made it legislation to allow women in. Why women want to go into these places is beyond me. They are full of guys drinking bitter and playing dominoes.

neatfit said...

Reverse psychology can work quite effectively, ofcourse, it must not be worder blatantly obviously. It can do wonders. I don't approve of Dr. Pepper though, but everyone has their favourite.

Shutterbug said...

boys are smelly and gross! ;)

Bart said...

haha hell yeah that commercial is manly, only lacking beer and random tits though.

danjor21 said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I like what I'm seeing here! I'm still waiting for my own man cave. I live in a trailer so until I have a house, the man cave is just a dream.

I drink Dr. Pepper regularly but don't feel the need to try the new one, even if it is targeted towards us men! Following!

AllenTesch said...

I think it's acceptable to allow strippers or slutty women into your man cave. It just makes sense.

Mooch said...

My man cave will be perpetually stocked with hookers and blow.

Zombie said...

now I needs me a man cave! lol.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... I think it is actually kind of funny. They don't have to convert women to diet drinks, they already drink them. So add no girls allowed, they will do it anyway so not only are they targeting guys, but they are targeting feminists.

Technosauce said...

Something about it being called 'the man cave' doesn't sound right with me.

~Jazz said...

Even the can looks like it's geared towards men. Interesting. I'd be willing to try it, but I like Diet Dr. Pepper and think it's probably the best diet soda out there (not that that's saying much, but still).

Anonymous said...

How do you think, who this year won the Champions League Cup?

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