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Bacon - Does it REALLY make everything better?

Bacon is awesome.

It makes a lot of food taste better, no great breakfast is without it, and you can buy mints, band-aids and other fun bacon products online.

But does it REALLY make everything better?

...what about cupcakes??

...did you catch that?  Let's zoom in a little...

A local cupcake shop is selling Pancake and Bacon cupcakes.  I wasn't brave enough to try them.  Especially not at $3 a pop.

But what do you think?  Do you love bacon?  Enough to have a bacon cupcake?
Please Share it! :)

11 witty retorts:

Pickleope said...

I would eat a bacon flavored cupcake wrapped in bacon with bacon icing. Why do I feel like that bacon-craving dog from that dog food commercial?

Kid Shuffle said...

those look kinda gross

D4 said...

I don't really love bacon.. but I'd try it. The cupcakes I mean.

Mynx said...

I love pancakes with bacon mixed through, but not in my cupcakes. Pretty please can I say "Only in America"

Thank, Q said...

I'd try it. We have a place here that serves some sort of praline-infused bacon bits on ice cream. I haven't tried it yet, but I would. Bacon, to me, is 2nd only to cheese when it comes to a food accessory. I would have shelled out the $3 just to try it despite the fact that I pretty much don't care for cupcakes.

Phil S. said...

Is it a cupcake made out of pancake batter? It looks like it tastes like carnival. Whatever that means.
Bacon: The candy of meats.

Shutterbug said...

You know I like bacon! I like cupcakes! I would eat a bacon cupcake! :D

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah I would eat that !!! Bacon makes you stronger, smarter and faster to quote Epic Meal Time :) I could live off bacon

aamedor said...

bacon should know its better than this and stay with other savory flavors. Bacon is too good to be hanging out with the no good thugs in the sweets isle. Next thing we know bacon is gonna be slashing all our tires and roughing up potatoes for their lunch money.

Tifa said...

..Ew.. XD
But I love pancakes so much..
So I'd definitely try it.!~

Tori D said...

I would sooo try this! I love bacon, and the combination of sweet & savory can't be beat. Now I have to look for a bacon/pancake cupcake recipe!

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