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Last Day to Join!

I'm still looking to get a Blogger's Fantasy Football league going.  I have 2 people signed up so far, and need a minimum of 4 to form the league.  If we can get a full league (16) going, I'll design and award a trophy for the winner.

Something like this, but more Idaho-ish

Interested?  Click here.  Let's get this going.  It's 100% for fun, and free to enter.

Draft starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.  The same time normal football would start on a given Sunday.

Go go football!
Please Share it! :)

7 witty retorts:

LoneIslander said...

Sorry Bro, I hate football. Good luck though.

Vapid Vixen said...

Um. I have zero interest in anything football. But I do like the word Idaho-ish. Looking forward to seeing how you interpret that.

Shutterbug said...

But I don't like football! How about a fantasy hockey league instead? ;)

Bart said...

im in, have no idea how these things work though. i'll go with ...uh... green bay?

The Red Mosquito said...

I would but there is a good chance that Connecticut won't have power tomorrow or the day after, got a little hurricane coming up the East Coast. Good luck.

mjunta said...

Good luck!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I absolutely would, but since I know nothing about football, and neither does my hubs, I would fuck your team up.

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