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Knott's Berry Farm: Fun, Frenetic, and Almost Fatal

I spent the weekend with my boys, having a great weekend.  But, at one point, we almost died.

This patch of tire to the right... it almost killed us...

We were driving on the freeway and it was scooped up under our car.  A motorcyclist noticed it dragging under the bottom of the car, and motioned for us to pull over.

I thought we passed over it, but I guess not.  Instead, it was sparking underneath our rental car, and starting to smoke.

If it caught fire... well... FWOOSH.

After that little scare (and some lunch) we finally made it to Knott's.  It was time for rides.

A little history, my oldest (love him) is a chicken when it comes to rides.  He, at a point, was afraid of bouncy castles.  My youngest, however, is a daredevil and wanted to go on all the roller coasters.

My ex warned me not to be surprised if Oldest only went on one, maybe two rides.  Well, he surprised me and TORE UP Camp Snoopy.  He went on nearly all the rides.

Why?  Daddy.

"Come with me, daddy.  I feel safe when I'm with you."  As long as I held his hand, he was secure.  Even the gf was able to calm his nerves.  Before, he was always indifferent to my gf.  Now, he adores her.

Oh, and he pimped his way up and down the midway (as mentioned in an earlier post).

I quickly learned during the trip not to put limits on him.  Don't tell him "you won't be scared" and he doesn't have the notion of being scared.  He went on every ride we suggested, and was about to go on the River Rapids when we ran out of time.  (we had a 6pm curfew, much to my chagrin)

Oldest pushed the envelope, but Youngest was still not impressed.  He wanted roller coasters.  He wanted adventure.  He wanted to go really high and really fast.  Camp Snoopy wasn't cutting it.

Maybe next time, when we have more time.  I really look forward to seeing how far he is willing to go.

Overall it was a great trip.  We spent Saturday at Knott's, and Sunday at the park for a few hours.  We played in the sand and in the water, until the Youngest took spill after spill.

Daredevil, yes.  But with risk comes a fall or two from time to time.  He eventually wanted to just go home and play in the back yard, so we all hugged and kissed and said goodbye.

I guess that's why Oldest likes to stay close to the ground.  I mean, rides are fun, but no reason to go crazy, right??
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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

Lady Estrogen said...

Awwee... my stone heart got all mushy when you mention how your son feels safe with you. Ohh, gosh golly gee wiz! xx

Pickleope said...

Knott's is still alive and kicking!?! (It's kind of sad that from such a heartwarming post, my only takeaway was shock that a Snoopy themepark can still subsist.)

Byakuya said...

Glad to hear you survived the whole debacle, not exactly the way one would want to die!

I'm like your youngest myself, I'll go on any ride =D

Random Girl said...

Your presence makes everything better to your kids. Nothing is as scary when daddy is there. Sweet, sweet memories are being made!

Squatlo said...

I worked 35 years building radial truck tires, and can't tell you how often we heard horror stories about those re-cap tread "gators" going through windshields, wrapping around drive shafts under cars, or causing other mayhem for motorists on the highway. You were lucky, Brandon, seriously lucky, and owe that biker a case of beer.

Not to put a political point on this, BUT... the same people who bitch and whine about every expenditure of taxpayer cash might want to consider that a lot of states have cut back drastically on the money they give their highway crews to remove those hazards from the highway. The cost of new truck tires is usually about $400 or more EACH, so drivers are putting recap after recap on worn out tires, trying to stretch their dollars. That's putting more and more of those "gators" on the highway for you and your kids to dodge, and no one is picking them up because it might take a few bucks to pay for the pickup.
Food for thought... glad you're okay, man!

Shutterbug said...

I'm glad you and the kiddies are ok! :D

D4 said...

This is the type of stuff they'll never forget. :)

myjoyproject said...

What a great post!! I bet that experience with your boys will keep you smilin for a few days, yes? Well, maybe not the near-death experience... but all the other stuff :)

Al Penwasser said...

I'm always afraid of some truck blowing a tire (keep it clean!) and then having the huge shard (probably not the correct term) of tire come bouncing along the highway, smacking through my windshield and taking my frikkin' head off.
I'm afraid of that.
And clowns.
Especially clowns who drive trucks.

Autumnforest said...

You're the "bestest daddy in the whole world!" I'm thrilled you're getting the time, the bonding and the memories with the boys. You're just what they needed. They are just what you needed.

Inverse said...

Sounds you had quite an adventure!

Zombie said...

I havent been to knotts in ages! Being a southern Californian myself, that is sad. lol.

ChaCha said...

Wow it's been awhile since I've been there! Hope it was fun for the whole family :D

The Empress said...

Ah, creating memories of a life time. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Awww, how adorable--he feels safe if you're with him. Words to treasure. :)

Okay, and the car thing freaked me out. Thank God someone alerted you to it!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mama Spaghetti said...

I love this post (minus the almost dying)! I love that your little guy felt safe with you. Overall, it just sounds like a wonderful day.

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