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I Was Retweeted by a Celebrity ...But At What Cost?

For those of us on twitter, we know that exposure is exciting.  People love to have a lot of people following them, and the more influential people you have reading your tweets, the 'cooler' you are.

I follow a handful of celebrities, politicians and other 'popular' people, and from time to time, respond to some of their tweets.  I normally just do my own thing, either pimping my blog or saying silly things in hopes for retweets or stars.

You know, just screwing around.

I was on twitter Tuesday night and saw a tweet from Adrianne Curry.  She was talking about her future relationship possibilities, and if she would ever marry again.  I chipped in my two cents:

Well, she read my tweet.  She liked my tweet.  And she retweeted:

I was floored.

And I was joking around, but I used to play online games.  Kids do indeed cut into gaming and raid times, since they require constant attention and you can't really ignore them for 4+ hours.

When someone with 320k followers retweets you, people talk.  Suddenly I had over a dozen people retweeting my message, and even more adding their own quips on my tweet.  Most agreed with me, and added humor of their own.

With that said, I'm stoked.  My Klout score is going to go through the roof (yes, I still use klout, and no, I don't know why either...)

Yet.... I don't want people to get the wrong idea.  I love my kids.  I regret some stupid things I did in the past, like putting video games ahead of my family from time to time.  Looking back, gaming cost me a lot of precious moments and I'm not ok with that.  My boys matter to me more than any game ever could.

But they do cut into raid times.  If you'd rather be gaming, kids aren't for you.

Good news though!  As they get older, the perfect combo emerges!


Video games WITH your kids!  As an 80's/90's kid, I'm looking forward to the day where my boys and I can play together, trash talking (in a family friendly way, of course) and taking turns whooping each other.

So Adrianne.  Much love for the RT, and I wish you nothing but happiness, epic loot, and orgasms a-plenty.  But kids aren't nearly as overrated as my tweet says.
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23 witty retorts:

Thank, Q said...

Dude, that's pretty cool. 320k people saw the RT? I've never had a RT of anyone with more than 5k followers. I guess I'm not much of a gamer since I don't know what "raid time" is, but I guess I can Google it. Are you going to respond to her more often to see if she can "get familiar" with seeing your name and follow you?

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Hey 5 seconds of fame at last!

You and my Megan would be besties on the frikken XBOX 24 fucking 7!

Martina said...

I totally get what you mean for not wanting a flippant & humorous comment to be misinterpreted by the masses (have kid[s], will game), but you are totally right once they get old enough and have enough thumb dexterity & cognitive ability playing video games with your kids can be a great experience.

My son is 5 and it is definitely a nostalgic feeling to sit down and play Mario Bros on a vintage NES, or even interactive games on a kinect every now and then.

I've actually had a moment of glowing pride and "aww they grow up so fast" when handing controllers over to my son and his friends, it's like ushering in the next generation.

But there certainly is a fine line between good fun and too much virtual reality.

Congrats at reaching out to famousity & being heard as well as winning at the internet :)

Workingdan said...

Kids are great! They can be inconvenient at times but well worth it!

Congrats on the retweet!

Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

I haven't had any major celebs re-tweet me but I had Sass Jordan (who used to be kind of a big deal up here, and ended up hosting Canadian Idol - think a cooler, less loopy Paula) challenge me to name my top five Lead men in Rock after I kind of poo-pooed her choices. So that was kind of cool.

Adsila said...

LOL, I love it. I looked forward to when my kids got old enough to do more of the things I liked. It was great. Now I am waiting for my granddaughters to get old enough. Really, how many Disney classics can you watch over and over again?

Zombie said...

Congrats on the celeb retweet!! :D

Random Girl said...

Woah Big Timer! Enjoy the celeb zone! I do think your tweet was funny, and true. And I also love that you are clarifying your priorities in this post, not like I had any doubt but ya know... still good to see you make it loud and clear that your kids rock.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Can we call you a celebrity now?

Matthew MacNish said...

Never heard of her, but she seems very cool, and is gorgeous.

Alex D. said...

Kids... If having a dog is this much work I think I'd rather avoid kids like the plague! Ha. I love my dog, but it doesn't mean I want another one!

Leon Kennedy said...

when they get to the right age, i bet gaming with your kids will be a blast

Melanie said...

How cool are you?? Very nice!

Lady Estrogen said...

Old enough to game?! Hell, I'm just biding my time until they can use the toilet on their own. Jebus.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Biggles on the RT man, nicely done. Adrianne Curry, no less!

Mooner In The Perti Dish said...

Brandini. Who is she?

BlackLOG said...

well apart from it's twitter and who the hell is Adrianne Curry the numbers are very impressive...

As for the kids I expect you will wait for when they are old enough so that you can play a proper game, that does not involve purple dinosaurs and annoying repetitive noises, and then have about a two week window of opportunity before you are no longer cool enough to play with them....

The Simple Dude said...

Congrats on the RT. It is a cool feeling - I was RT'd by Denis Leary, one of my comic heroes about a year ago. He actually chose my tweet as his favorite in a contest he did, and he even mailed me an autographed book. I was beyond floored as his show Rescue Me ranks as one of my favorites of all time.

You just gave me a post idea!

SD said...

@Mooner and everyone else asking who she is:

She won season 1 of America's Next Top Model

She married one of the dudes from the Brady Bunch.

She has been on reality shows galore.

She posed in Playboy. Twice, I think, if not more.

She's a super twitter whore (woo!) and a MMO gamer like I used to be (woo!).

G said...

Very cool...that's some good exposure. I really need to get my head around twitter

D4 said...

Ahhh it's just comedy. I find it hard to take those tweets serious myself. It's cute that you care enough to fix it up here though. I'm sure it'll be appreciated :) said...

Congrats on the RT!

It's nice to see what you really meant with your comment. When your kids get old enough, you'll enjoy them even more!

Brea said...

The best part about the XBOX in my living room, is watching my 4 year old son, and my husband "smoke" each other in various multi-player versions of various shoot 'em up games. The sad part about my gamer self is that I used to spend hours upon hours in an text-based online RPG, bonding with my own dad. Playing with your own kids (and finding creative ways to let them beat you with out them knowing) is totally the best.

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