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I've come a long way, baby

Recently I have felt like super blogger man.  I am averaging about 300 page views daily now, which feels monumental.  My follower list keeps growing, my viewership is rising, and I consistently get a good amount of comments from my readers.

(Although, it seems like I get more comments when I post more controversial topics.  Maybe a little more pot-stirring in the near future?)

I am happy with my stats.  I started blogging in late January, and hit 25k viewers this morning.  My stats tell me I'm averaging about 8,000 viewers over a 30 day period now, and that average increases by about 50 a day.

Yes, I am finally feeling like a 'big boy.'

And then, I found a way to burst my own bubble.

I was on a blog that I follow almost every day.  I'm not going to name her, because I don't want to come across as resentful.  (I don't think she reads my lil blog anyway, so meh...)  I came across her page for people who want to advertise on her blog, and she starts rattling off stats.

She gets about 400k viewers a month.  That equates to over 13k a day.  She gets more people looking at her blog in a day than I do in a month.

Instant deflation of erection.  I think it may have even turtled...

Granted, she's been doing it for years.  She is an amazing writer.  She hosts multiple sites.  She is, quite literally, an internet rockstar.

And I want that.
one day, I will wear this shirt with pride...

I am happy with where I am so far.  With the right SEO, and with the right motivation, I will grow into a beast of a blogger.  And that's the plan.  I want to have 1,000's of people reading what I have to say.  I'm an entertainer, and I love to entertain.  Those 580+ following me right now are following me for a reason (I hope).

For those 'heavy hitters' out there that read my blog, are there any tips you can give me?  This is where I open myself up for criticism.

What am I doing right?
What am I doing wrong?
What can I do better?
What will help keep me growing?

This post is like a report card.  A performance review.  And all of you are the teachers.

Critique me.  Let me know what you do (and do not) like.  Help me.
Please Share it! :)

35 witty retorts:

Annah said...

You can only be talking about me, right? LOL. I wish!

You're talking about The Bloggess.... Just keep at it. The thing I've noticed about blogs is that they really don't start to pick up until after the 2nd year or so. I've been doing my research and that is what I've found. So just go go go. You'll get there :)

And yes. Controversy (and sex) sells.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I don't know anything, 'cause I just started blogging in January too. But here's what I think is weird. I only have 200 GFC followers, but my pageviews are...well...a LOT more than that. A lot. All the time. DAILY! For May, I am fixin' to hit a number I never thought was possible. So why haven't they FOLLOWED??? and how did you get so many actual FOLLOWERS???????? I am impressed. said...

@Annah: No, not you, and not the Bloggess. I check her site from time to time, but wouldn't call myself a rabid follower.

So, keep on keepin on is the way to go? I feel like I should be doing more, devoting more time, or something...

@Dwija: Dude! That's awesome! Do you ever look at your analytics? If so, where are they coming from? I get a steady stream of google searches, but have more followers than I do daily readers. I'd flip that around any day of the week. :)

(not that I'm bashing my followers. But it seems, at times, that I only have about 50-100 true readers out of the almost 600 people that 'follow' me...)

Kicking Rocks said...

You are doing a great job! Congrats! I hope to get as big as you!

Alice X said...

You're doing fab considering the newness of your blog and if you carry on i have no doubt you will reach your goals. I just hope i can do the same but with such a busy life i find it hard to make enough time to blog, which means i don't post as regularly as i would like to :( working for the man sucks! Good luck with your blog mission.

Drab Maestro said...

Hahahaha...good to hear! I'm glad I've been with you through it all, and can only hope that someday I'll be as popular as you ;)

Skankin_Pete said...

Congrats! =)

Choirchick22 said...

Whaaa You just started in January and you have that many followers? Damn. I've been blogging for almost a year now and I'm impressed with my 30 followers. :p I think you're doing just fine. :)

Xenototh said...

You just have to give it more time man. Unless you decide to pick up a super popular theme, like Star Craft or something, you won't have an instant audience ready to jump on whatever blog bandwagon they can find.

Jazz bazooka said...

you're doing great, things just need time , thats all

Bart said...

lol ive started way before ya and youve alrdy caught yup, damn, gj

Autumnforest said...

Considering how long you've been blogging, your future is BRIGHT! It's the super slow season from about March until August in general because everyone goes outside to play. This month is usually the very slowest, so you'll pulling good numbers. Your following is ridiculous. You realize, I've only got 503 and been doing it 3 years so I'm fucking impressed! I get a shitload of reads, but followers are harder to come by. For your type of blog, I'd keep it active. Lots of visuals. Consider a 3-column format and pics and goofy shit on the sides and substance down the middle. Most folks feel they've reached a big boy blog when it has a lot going on. Your posts are awesome and I think the reason most of us love it is the Green Acres theme. I'd consider even putting a picture from the show up to immediately identify the underlying theme here "fish outta water, Californian out of beach..." I love to read you just tear down local insanity and small town mentalities and the tedium and small-mindedness. It's really a pleasure to learn about Idaho without having to actually visit. Keep doing what you're doing. You are way way ahead of where I was at that time in blogging.

Shutterbug said...

Congrats! Just keep doing what you are doing now: keep it real and fresh! ;) said...

@Autumn: Ok, the ego is re-inflated, thank you. :)

I promise this isn't meant to be an attention-whore post. I'm looking for ways to improve. Really.

But I'm liking all the 'you're awesome' comments. It's the blogging equivalent of a bj.

And I like the ideas you brought up. I've been eyeballing another theme change, trying to find what fits me best. Thanks for everything, as usual. <3

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER weekend !

The Empress said...

Having just started blogging in January, I think you are doing incredibly well. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary in the blogosphere the end of this month and you have far surpassed me in the number of followers so good on you. Perhaps you can share with the rest of us what it is you have been doing to achieve such an impressive follower base. ...In the meantime, keep writing great posts and leaving incredibly amusing comments at our blogs.

The Ranter's Box

Anonymous said...

I think your best blog was the one about the spider. Heh, you know what they say. Fear sells!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Well thank you, but I'm afraid that I just have some silly words here or there that show up on searches, so they aren't really *readers*. Followers! That's gonna be my new goal!

Whatever you're already doing, but keep on doing it :)

Pappa Püllï said...

You are going great! Got many traffic, a good thing boy! ;D

Not the Hero said...

Hey I wanted to follow using blogger but you don't have a follow button. There is a space for it but I can't see it. I would have followed by the blogger menu at the top but that is gone too.

You might get more followers if you made it easier to follow. lol Fix it I don't want to miss anything.

Not the Hero said...

I wanted to follow but The follow button isn't showing up. There is the space for it but I can't see it. On top of that the blogger menu doesn't show up at the top of your site either so I can't follow that way.

Fix It!!! I don't want to miss anything, lol.

The Angry Lurker said...

Commenting on other peoples blogs helps and also giving them what they want. said...

@Lurker: I'm following 313 blogs. I read and comment for about 90 minutes a day. I'm glad everyone doesn't post as often as I do!

becca said...

i just want to know your secret i've been blogging for almost a year and i am lucking to get 25 to 30 views a day. you totally have it made.

My Life

Rob said...

You're doing awesome! If this were NBA Jams, you'd be on fire.

Mollie said...

90 minutes a day? Wow.

Have no advice or commentary as I am a newbie myself... started in May last year.

Replying to your comments is good. People like that it seems.

D4 said...

I'm not a heavy hitter, in fact I'm pretty envious, almost 3 times what I get in a day? Intense.

What I would suggest though is videos. A youtube vid of that hobo spider you squashed along with a link to the post? The way I figure, more people surf through youtube than surf through blogger. I'd just use that advantage. If I was you, anyway.

Zombie said...

Nice man! Very nice! You will always be an internet celeb to me! :D

Astronomy Pirate said...

I am not far behind you it seems, I started in mid-February and have at least 200 hits a day and am at 15k views. Search hits definitely are a big part of it, I get lots of Google traffic.

Congrats on all the hard work, I definitely enjoy coming back to your blog.

Stephanie said...

I like your blog, you make me laugh.
So my husband, James, (he's from CA too) and I moved to Idaho Falls late last year from a major metro city back east. Music, museums, sports, amazing food, we had it all. Alas, I was transferred here for work, and we were excited to be close to Yellowstone and the mountains.

This place is an f'ing trip. The Mormon neighbors continue the recruiting attempts, despite my career in an industry they frown upon and James' overuse of the word "fuck" when in their company. Last week a Jehovah Witness
group left pamphlets on everyone's door, and our devout
LDS neighbors commented on the Jehovahs as a weird
religion that brainwashes people with their crazy irrational
beliefs. The irony was lost on them.....

Aside from the 31 LDS churches within 10 miles of my
home (according to my GPS) and the fact that I can no longer satisfy my craving for Chinese food at 2am, I kinda like this place.

And youve made it better, it's comforting knowing someone
else is experiencing culture shock with me.
After 3 months of faithfully reading your blog, I've decided to become a follower. I just hope Jen and Doug from next door don't see this as an indication of my ability to be persuaded...

Dale said...

This was a really interesting post and I read every comment because I was so curious to see what people would say. SO, it definitely seems like you're doing very well. At least A- just because there's always room for improvement. I totally agree with you too, when you think you're doing well and then see another site getting so much more traffic and can be very defeating. I think it's best to just focus on your own numbers and be proud of yourlself. I think your topics are very engaging, but sometimes when you're doing blogger contests, things like that I don't really understand what they are for, maybe explaining more. Otherwise, everything is perfect. Keep it up
And thanks for letting me know about Stag wine. :)

Thank, Q said...

I can tell by the quality of bloggers who comment on your site that you've arrived. Annah, The Empress, Thundercat, to name a few. So, with top of the line bloggers checking you out, it was only a matter of time before everyone else followed. Keep doing what you're doing, playa! said...

@Q: Yeah, don't forget the Simple Dude and miss Peachy. Other big-leaguers that come down and pat me on the head from time to time.

The next on my list:

-Allie Brosh @Hyperbole
-The Bloggess
-Aunt Becky

You WILL love me. You just don't know it yet, because I'm not on your collective radars.

What other A-listers to I need to pester?

Mynx said...

Good thing I dont look at my stats because I have been blogging nearly a year and have now where near the numbers you so. Happy with what i get though and totally blown away with the response to my blog party.
approx 3 x the usual comments and 9 new followers in 2 days was awesome.

Can only imagine what would happen if the party was here.

I cant say what you do right or wrong. Leaving comments got me here. And those tactics seem to work for me. Guests, pimping. All seems to have an effect

Annabelle said...

You're funny.
You're endearing.
You share your life in a touching and real way.
You're diverse.
You give good comment on other peoples blogs, showing that you care about the connection.

If being big and popular is your goal then do the twatter and the likes and all that extra hoo nanny. If not, then let the words on the wind be enough to see where the road organicially leads. Your blog, your call.

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