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Blog Review - Penwasser Place

Hey all, I am in a Blog of War competition, which I will post more about later today.  Round 1 is reviewing another competitor's blog, so here's the post.

You can read about the contest (and case your vote) on this page.  Voting = comments, so make sure to comment on his page.  Thanks all!!

It's WAR!  Again...


Al Penwasser's blog, Penwasser place, is a perfect example of good things that come in small doses.  Al has been casually blogging since 2009, but has picked up his posting pace since December 2010.  He just finished completing April's A-Z challenge, where, in my observations, he's done more typing in a month than he has in any other time.

Most posts are short and sweet.  That Damn Barbie is a perfect example.  It takes 10 seconds to read, and about 2 minutes to recover from the laughter.  Some people that type 'quickie' blogs seem to have a version of typing ADHD, but with Al, his pictures speak the 1,000 words that he doesn't type.

Thanks to this post, showing a picture of a crosswalk sign, I'll always see a naked stick-man crossing the street.  He only needed 15 seconds to warp my brain for life.

My only beef with him, if any, is the fact he's a Yankee's fan.  Being an Angel's man myself, I have a nice seething disliking for the Yanks.  The only good news for him is I'm in Idaho now, so I can't go to a ballgame and boo.  The local minor league here, the Chukars, are a rookie-league team for the Royals, so I guess I kind of indirectly root for them now.  Ick.

One recurring feature you have to see to appreciate is the 'Today's Vocabulary' sections, where he defines a word in his own special way.  Some highlights include:

  • The Crampon
  • Fish Sticks (Kanye West, for some reason, is nowhere to be seen...)
  • Polyvinyl (which may become a 'Freaky Friday' post over here)
  • and much more.
Long story short, give this dude a look.  There's a little over 100 posts, so it'll be a quick go-through, and I think you'll be happy with what you see.

Please Share it! :)

12 witty retorts:

The Angry Lurker said...

Will check it out and vote.

=dgrphx= said...

that other blog has boring music

Adsila said...

Hum, I will have to see what his blog is all about and be sure to cast my vote.

Colin Biano said...

i was wondering where the music was coming from / i voted for you

Kicking Rocks said...

ill take a look at them

Zombie said...

I never knew you were an Angels fan!! Hellz yeah!! :D

Astronomy Pirate said...

Those were some funny one-liners over there.

after3 said...

I'm reserving judgment. But optimistic. a3

zepdragon said...

Lol, not bad at all

BlackLOG said...

Well done sir, a nice job. I'm just sorry that it is wasted in possibly the worlds worst blog competition.

I can understand reader apathy but when 1/3 of the already small contestant list can’t even be bothered to post their entry it does not bode well. I love the devotion of your readership in that before voting has started (not all received entries had been linked) you have an almost unassailable lead. Fingers crossed that no one else gets any votes and I can declare you the winner and slink away from this millstone around my neck.

Fortunately being British I’m used to disappointment and regard this level of failure as being so dreadful that it is heroic in its awfulness and thus a success…think Kevin Costner’s “Water world” so bad it becomes a bit of a classic or the Titanic (The voyage not the film), who would have remembered her today if everything had worked out well.

Is that the band playing abide with me? Please feel free to take to the Life boats, there should be enough for 3 of you...Don't worry about me, like any good captain (I feel I should try and get at least one thing right)I'm going to go down with my ship...

Eva Gallant said...

I'm a follower of Al's for sometime. He is incredibly funny!

Al Penwasser said...

Awwwwww, Eva. You're the coolest!
Hey, Lost, congrats on being an Angels fan-they have a very good team (you were expecting smack talk, weren't ya?). Thanks for the shout-out. Very nice job!

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