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So you’re on the Wipe Bandwagon… Now what? #LetsTalkBums

So you've read my posts about Cottonelle Fresh Wipes.

You've watched Cherry’s videos (including this new one).

 You've wondered, broke down, tried the wipes, and are now hooked.

Welcome to the clean bum club.  Doesn't it feel awesome?

…but now what?  You have a cabinet full of TP and you’re now using a lot less.  What do you do with all that excess toilet paper?

You could hit up pinterest and search for TP art

You could TP a friend’s house.  (just make sure to help them clean up afterwards… or not, f**k em…)

You could donate it to the homeless people living closest to a Taco Bell or Thai restaurant.  (because you KNOW they need it!)

You could give it to the cat, and let them shred the TP into oblivion.

You could make a snazzy (and absorbent!) TP fortress.

You could do this...  I'm not sure what exactly you can call this:

Or you could just accept the fact it’s going to take you much longer to burn through your stockpile of toilet paper.  But using less is a good thing.  And feeling cleaner is a good thing.  So no matter what you do with your TP surplus, have fun with it.

(and if it’s especially wacky, go to Cottonelle’s Facebook Page and let them know how you ‘fixed’ your TP overflow problem!)
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