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Football Rivalry in Idaho

Growing up in a major metropolitan area, I didn't get to experience the feeling of having a cross-town rival.  We didn't have a small town, so the lines in the sand were much blurrier than they are in Idaho.

In my area, there are 3 main rivalries that get the locals rabid:

- The 'Black and Blue Bowl.'
- The 'Civil War.'
- And 'The Emotion Bowl.'

The third one has the lamest name, but is the one that affects my area the most.  I live within walking distance to Idaho Falls High School, and can hear the 'roar' of the stadium most Friday nights.

The Emotion Bowl is IF High vs Skyline High.  Skyline is the 'west side' school, and my wife's Alma Mater.  She's not big into school spirit, so she doesn't give two shits about this game.  She's probably one of six people in town who feel this way.

Everyone else, from residences to businesses have either Blue or Orange festooned in every way possible.  Grocery store windows are painted with motivational messages.  School spirit is at an all time high.

And for someone like me, living in the middle of 'Tiger Country', if I were caught sporting powder blue, I'd be in a world of trouble.

When I was in High School, my football team was like the Oakland Raiders.  Everyone hated us, and we hated everybody.  Nobody was a rival, because everybody was a rival.  It was interesting, but never as passionate as one of Idaho's rivalry games.

And so much is on the line for these games as well!

Don't like Obama?  Blame Skyline.
An Emotion Bowl win on an election year will tell you who our next President is going to be!  Yes, in 2012 Skyline won, so Obama was reelected.

(And I can tell you this:  If Skyline wins in 2016, there will be riots on the streets.  NOBODY was happy last year, which made IF's victory in 2013 all the sweeter.)

I am sad to say I missed this year's Emotion Bowl, but then again, I really don't care who wins.  I wouldn't know which side to sit on, who to root for, etc.  Sorry Idaho, no fucks were given from me on Friday.

Do you come from a small town?  Did you have a rival?  Were the games this intense?  I'd love to hear your story...
Please Share it! :)

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