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Idaho is in the news again. And not in a good way. Again.

Idaho is really becoming the 'cool' tragedy state these days.

NOT Idaho
First, we're the state you go to when you kidnap someone and don't want to be found.

Which is a dumb move, because most of the people here are armed.  The stupid ones are dangerous.  You're gonna get kil-- wait.  You did...

And, of course, we have white supremacists running for public office, rednecks trying to assassinate the president and much much more.

We're the state that craves attention.  Positive or negative, we just love to be in the spotlight.

Fast forward to present-day, where Chobani greek yogurt is now being recalled because of mold issues.

The culprit?  The brand new plant in Twin Falls, Idaho.

By brand new, this plant has been open for less than a year, and is already producing sub-standard product.  It is also (from what I can see) the first time Chobani has been recalled for mold.

Go Idaho - Helping ruin a company's reputation in less than 12 months.

After some due diligence and savvy reporting on my part, I was able to find this secret footage from inside the Chobani plant in Idaho.  I believe THIS is the root cause of the mold infestation, prompting a nationwide alert:

Unsanitary conditions and Gingers on the assembly line.  You're asking for trouble with these two...
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