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Stirring Things Up on CelebStir

One of my vices revolves around Celebrities.  I love gossip rags like Perez Hilton and Celebuzz.  I'm not totally sure why, but they're fun to read now and then.

I was recommended to check out, and I like what I see.  CelebStir mixes celebrity with social media, letting you follow celebrities, athletes, models and more.  And they (and others) can follow you as well.

I'm a blogger.  I have followers, but a celebrity I am not.  When people follow my profile, I'm not 100% sure how I feel... But oh well.  ADORE ME, DAMMIT!

One thing I love about CelebStir is the video chat option, with up and comers.

It gives you a chance to talk to people trying to break into the entertainment, sporting or modeling industry.  It also gives you a chance to say "I spoke with xxxx before they were famous."

Do you like following the lives and times of famous people?  If so, check them out.  This may be one of the next big things, and watching it grow will be fun.

And, of course, follow me.  Maybe this will be how *I* become famous??  I promise I'll remember all you 'little people' when I'm a bajillionaire...
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