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My Mailman Might Be A Player

I remember being young, and the mailman delivering to my house every day between 11 and noon.  Monday through Saturday, always consistent, no deviation.

Since moving to Idaho, it's much more inconsistent.  I recently moved a few months ago, and it's getting worse than ever.  My uncle is a retired mail carrier, and I complained to him one day.

His response?  "He probably has a few 'friends' on the route.  Stops by their house to chat, maybe more."  Apparently this isn't uncommon at all.

Driving home a few days ago, I saw something that pretty-much confirmed his quip.  The mailman was walking out of a neighbor's house.  He got a nice kiss from my neighbor on the way out, as well as a tap on the ass.

I know that house.  I know her husband.  He's not a mailman.

I guess that means when the cat is away, the mailman will play.

Sometimes the mail comes at 10:30.  Sometimes as late as 3.  That kind of window, he may have more than one 'friend' on his route.

...such a player.

Well, I can't fault the guy.  I mean, a mail carrier has a HUGE sexy-factor.  That uniform, those power-walking calves.

I'm only glad my wife hasn't fallen to his sexy wiles...

...wait... I'm hardly ever home...

How do I know she didn't?

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