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Hey People, #LetsTalkBums (no, I'm really serious)

Hey!  Hey guys!  Yeah, YOU!

GUESS WHAT?  I’m a brand ambassador!!

What am I ambassading, you may ask?  A new way to shave your gerbil?  Idaho’s newest potato recipe?

Nope.  Tee pee.  Cottonelle bathroom products, to be exact.

That makes me your sherpa of sh... stuff.  Your pioneer of poo.  Your captain of crap.
And I will do it with honor.

As I prepare to begin my ambassadorship, I plan on thoroughly testing the product.  I just purchased a 42pk of Fresh Care flushable wipes, some taco bell, and I cleared my evening schedule.

Ok, maybe 'some' is an understatement...

Why flushable wipes?  This video will explain:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting Cottonelle to the test.  I travel for a living and will be taking my testing on the road.  Cottonelle TP vs Hotel TP.  Why wipes are superior (ARE THEY SUPERIOR?) and how awesome my ass feels.

At least, I hope it feels awesome.  I'm way used to doing things the 'old fashioned way' and only used wipes on babies.  But, like the video says, why should they get all the good stuff??

I may include before/after shots, but haven’t decided for sure.  VOTE NOW, and be careful what you ask for!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, these Locos Tacos are barking.  Time to start my ambassadorship!  HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNG--
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