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MOPI (me) in a Nutshell

Since I am a judge on Blogger Idol this year, I am going to be getting a lot of new faces on this blog.

And for all of you who have been here for a few months and aren't generally impressed, I'm getting back into the game (slowly).  I'm still trying to find my groove after my dad's death, so please bear with me a little longer (and bare with me if you're hot).

I'll do my best to describe myself as briefly as possible.  With links.  If you want to dig deeper, clicky clicky.

I started this blog when I moved from California to Idaho.  With the move, I now experience 4 real seasons (snow! yay?), xenophobic mormons (who don't believe in dinosaurs) and rednecks galore.  The culture clash (combined with unemployment) lead to me starting this page.  It has evolved to a general humor blog, but I still make fun of Idaho as much as possible.

Things I blog about:

- Bikini bars and sex-starved Idahoans

- Mormons mormons mormons (search 'LDS' on this page and see how they're really closet sex-freaks)

- Taking ex-lax for the very first time

- I travel a lot for work.  When I get bored, this happens.  And this.

- I'm 900 miles from my kids.  I blog about them from time to time, but try to keep things mostly private for their sake.

- Funny laws in Idaho, and what happens when I try to break them.

- Oh, and I painted a picture with my penis once, and I may have masturbated my cat.  So there's that...

- And, of course, funny stories from work.

Feel free to dig around.  I also have a facebook page where I whore myself out

Like this, but without tits.  Cuz I'm a guy.  And I don't have moobs.

and keep the masses entertained.  If you like what you see, feel free to follow my shenanigans and let me entertain you.  Thanks for reading!
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