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I don't need to build a doghouse anymore, but I could start on a trophy case...

I'm sorry to report that Miles is back to Niles, and has been returned to the shelter.

The problem?  Our cats.

My girlfriend and I each have a cat.  One has been around dogs before (hers) and one has not (mine).  When we brought Miles home, we thought it would be a few days before things would settle down and everyone would get along.


Gf's cat (also known as the big fat bitch) hissed and lunged at Miles on a regular basis.  They got into a pretty intense fight, and I'm surprised the cat walked away unharmed.  My cat Weeble was so terrified of the dog she'd visibly shake.  She also was peeing all over everything in protest.

I finally took Miles back to the shelter and they said "Oh, you have cats?  Um, yeah... he doesn't like cats.  His last owner, he put the guy's landlord's cat into the vet.  Cat needed stitches.

Heh, thanks for warning us.

So no more Miles.  We were able to return everything but about $40 worth of stuff, which is gonna be donated to mom-in-law's dog.  That includes a big-ass bag of dog food.  Lucky pup.

So like my title suggests, I don't need to build a doghouse anymore.  But it looks like I'm going to need to build a trophy case.  Because I was given 2 more awards!!

I haven't had a girl give
me her cherry in....
First up is the 'Cherry on Top' award, given to me by the famous and sexy Random Girl Blog.  She's a top-notch blogger who also writes articles for The Dude Society, so make sure to check her out on both mediums.  That is, if you're not following her already.  Odds are you have been for a while, because she's just that badass.

And she thinks I'm yummy!  I haven't had a girl tell me I have 'that little bit extra' in, well...

Award rules state I need to tell you 3 things I love about myself, and then pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

1 - I love my sense of humor.  It comes in handy when diffusing tense situations, and it melts women's butter faster than almost anything else I know of (maybe not as much as a 6pack, but I'm working on that)

2 - I love the fact that, if I want something and put effort into getting it, I get what I want.  I'm not always ambitious, but when I am, watch out world.

3 - I love having green eyes.  They're like a magical hypno-laser of sexiness.

As far as the 5 bloggers go, I choose these five fantastic females:

If you're not sure why they are worthy of this award, go check 'em out.  You'll see why.  Their blogs speak for themselves.

Have you hugged your blogger today?
We like bj's too, ya know...

Secondly is the Hug-a-Blogger award, handed out by Adsila at Above the Norm.  Apparently I show the characteristics of a good blogger.  (Who knew?  I just like to type...)

No hoops for this award.  Just gonna wear it proudly, and hug all the bloggers I meet.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  I'll be back with another absurd Idahoan post tomorrow.
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26 witty retorts:

Claude said...

You really are gonna be needing that trophy shelf aren't you?

Shame about the dog though, some dogs get on with cats very well and it's great but mostly it doesn't end up well.

Kelly said...

Too bad that they didn't tell ya the dog hates cats before you went to all the trouble of bringing Miles/Niles home. What fuckers! Congrats on the awards, man. It's kinda neat getting them, isn't? It's nice to be appreciated once in awhile. I just got another one last night for "inspiration". I thought that was kinda funny. Take care, dude.

Rancher Mom said...

Woot on the award, but boo about the dog/cat situation. At least the shelter took him back though. Too bad they didn't bother to offer up all that information beforehand, some shelters are funny like that it seems!

kitkat said...

aww poor miles :/ ..he looked like a nice fella
and congrats on the awards!

ScottD said...

nice of them to inform you of the dog not liking cats

Autumnforest said...

Haha. Our original premise with Hug-A-Blogger was to travel the country, met and interview bloggers and give them a hug. I did have more than a few bloggers tell me they'd be on board if it was more than a hug, but we figured F-a-blogger might be a hard sell to most publishers.

Shutterbug said...

Congrats on the award! And I agree, green eyes are kinda sexy! ;)

amBored said...

yeah already knew brbgoinginsane :3 now I'll check the rest thanks
and congrats

Astronomy Pirate said...

Good job on the awards!

To bad about the dog though, seems like it might have been culture shock for him. Ha. It's always difficult to get them to get along, it took my dog a good month to get used to a new cat in our house when my sisters got them.

Lhosreiff said...

Green eyes are the best!

The Animated Woman. said...

I love the B52's! Thanks for mentioning me for the award thingie, I am grateful =]

Choirchick22 said...

Sorry to hear about the whole dog situation. Maybe you can find a puppy who doesn't mind cats?

Congrats on your awards and
:O Thank you so much for the award thingy! I haven't been on in a while so I'm glad I found time to check up on my missed blogs! What are the rules of the award? :P Do I write a post with the 3 things and give it to 5 others?

Mooner Johnson said...

Lost. OK first, maybe the dog feels better off not in the presence of two cats. If I was a dog who hated cats, I'm certain that would be my stand. However, if I were a dog I'd be too busy licking my privates to worry about the cats. Maybe I'll rethink this and get back to you.

Second, congrats on the awards. Let me know and I can send you some virtual mahogany for that trophy case. Great grain and texture.

Third, so, the dog food goes to mom-in-law? Girl friend. Mom-in-law. Girl friend.... mom-in-law.

Just saying. said...

@Mooner: I call them 'the in-laws' because my girl and I are practically married as it is. Just, we're not.

And "My girlfriend's mom" is a bit too long to type. I'm lazy.

@Chick: Yeah, the plan is to find a dog that is cool with cats, and to get these cats used to a dog. We're gonna dog-sit a couple times and get them used to it before we try again.

Erika said...

Aww thank you for the award! Means a lot to me, I feel appreciated ^_^

I don't get this whole award system, you're gunna have to explain it to me. Do I now say 3 things that I love about myself and then give the award to five of my favourite blogs on my blog now?

Congratulations on your awards btw, and I'm sorry to hear about your doggy =[

D4 said...

You'd think they mention something like "Assaults cats" right?

Oh also, why is there no NSFW on BRB - Going Insane? I think it deserves it, honestly, I mean once you put poo on your chin you cross a level.

Random Girl said...

You are indeed yummy, and the hypno-laser of sexiness description? I'm going to steal that and use it in another context. I'm sure you won't mind. Congrats on your other award as well... you are just getting love thrown at you man!

rooble said...

Aww, I feel bad for Miles. I hate it when cats go to the shelter/grim reaper.

That probably seemed too deep, but oh well.

Kicking Rocks said...

a virtual trophy shelf lol

Anonymous said...

Boo for the whole Miles/Niles situation...he was such a cutie puppy...but shit happens.

Congrats on your awards--you are the bomb! You are also very eyes slay me and each and every one of my female friends. I am sure you are smoking hot...but green eyes can push a moderate looking guy straight to "I MUST HAVE HIM!!!" hotness. They are my weakness.

mac-and-me said...


Living cheap said...

erika sure kicks ass!

Alphabeta said...

Not just for 'hug a blogger' - you being one of my faves, but also because of poor Miles/Niles.

Shame. : I

Gucci Mama said...

Thanks for the award, baybeh!

after3 said...

That is a pretty random girl blog. a3

hed said...

BOO! About Miles.

YAY! About the awards!


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