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Just because I'm white doesn't mean I can't be ghetto

**As always, read the post as well as the comments.  We have a pretty good discussion brewing...**

Today's controversial post is about... racism!  YAAAAAAY!!!

I was having a conversation a few months back, and was told "you can't say those things, you're white!"

Excuse me?

We were talking about growing up, and I told them how I was from the ghetto.  I was one of 3 white families on my block, so I grew up tough.  Hip Hop and rap were on all the boom boxes (when they were still boom boxes) and you just grew up with the slang you grew up with.

...but... I'm white...


The conversation reminded me of an altercation in High School, with one of my teachers and a black student.  She was kicked out of class because she kept disrupting everyone and had a horrible attitude.  Finally the teacher said 'enough is enough,' failed her, and told her to never come back.

Mom thought it was because the daughter was black, and the teacher was white.

She STORMS into the classroom in the middle of class, and starts screaming at the teacher.  Finally, one of us students interjects.  "She wasn't kicked out because she was black, and our teacher isn't racist.  She was kicked out because she was a self-centered rude-ass BITCH, and I'm starting to understand where she gets it from."

Mind you, this student who spoke up was white as well.

Mama slaps the student (HARD.  Like knocks him down hard to the ground), and calls the ACLU.  Teacher gets investigated, and student gets expelled.  You'd think mom would get charged with assault, right?  Especially with over 30 witnesses?  Nope.

Long story short, racism is still alive today.  Are the same players causing it that were in the 60's?  Maybe some, but it's on all sides now.  I know too many white people who don't like people different than them, and I know too many black and latin people who are "The boy who cried racism" whenever they are hated on.

I'm sorry.  Black, white, mexican, asian, if you're a douche, I'm gonna kick your ass.  Why is it that, if their skin is a different color, it's called a hate crime?  I'm allowed to hate other white people too, right?

What's sad is there is almost no racial diversity in my town, and you can feel the 'you're different' vibe in the air sometimes.  Too many rednecks with big trucks...

So back to me.  Yes, I'm white.  But here are some "omg, you can't like THAT, you're white!" moments:

I love me some Boondocks.

I grew up on Hip Hop, and still love it today.   Sure, I like rock, Dean Martin, Classical, metal and other stuff too, but put on some NWA, some Biggie, some Snoop, and I'm going to BLAST IT.  Remember, I want to open up my own Idahoan hip hop radio station after all...

What's wrong, Cube?  You look mad.  Why u mad?
And I can probably make better tamales than any white boy you've ever met.

But I still play video games like a nerd, and find stuff like this funny:

Does that make me racist?  Or just human?
Please Share it! :)

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Anonymous said...

haha. I am not afraid to take this one, I was just at Zumba this morning. One of my black friends (and ex) says that all white people have "White Guilt" no I do freaking not! I didn't do shit to blacks. I did not own slaves and I didn't put anyone down. I am not above anyone, regardless of skin color, unless the other person is a total tool.

I do not "hate" but I dislike plenty of people and it has to do with their personality not their ethnic background. Do I think it's hillarious that I drove by Red Lobster the other night and there was a crowd of like 20 African American people outside-shit yes I do...I laughed my ass off! Do I laugh my ass off when I see a bunch of white people swigging beer in big hats and line dancing-shit yes I do--they look ridiculous! Do I laugh my ass off at my adopted cousin (from Guatamala) who is rich as a mother fucker but WANTS to work in landscaping-hell yes I do!

I am an equal opportunity laugher, disliker, and lover. I think it is still a hot button topic among minorities but not necessarily with white people. I'm cool with everyone but I find a lot of minorities with a serious chip on their shoulder. I am not saying they don't still encounter racism but not everyone who dislikes you does so because of your skin color-maybe you are just an ass!?

Great post!

Astronomy Pirate said...

It just showed up on my feed, even though it says you posted it at 5:55 AM.

Anyways, having grown up in the south, I agree with this. I spent most of my time growing up in neighborhoods that were either predominately black or very evenly mixed. I never had a problem with anyone, though some idiots decided to have problems with me because I was white. We even had a teacher fired from our high school for racism, white boys couldn't get an A in her Spanish class, and the smarter you were, the more she hated you. I tried to explain this and get switched out of her class TWICE (they kept giving me to her) only to have me fail her both times. She eventually got canned when a fluent Spanish speaking kid (and eventual valedictorian of the year below me) started bringing home Fs and Ds in the class. Part of the reason she also hated me specifically was because I was a soccer ref for her kids and tried to bribe me with a good grade to call the games in her favor, which I didn't.

Anyways, when I moved up north to a white majority area, people are just as ignorant. I had a middle school kid ask me if I was in a gang since I grew up around all those black people. To be honest, I don't think I know anyone who has ever been in a gang. Pretty much, I get uneasy if the crowd I'm with isn't two diverse, my best friends are Hispanic, black, white, and Indonesian.

D4 said...

Man, I'm with you 100%. I hate it when the race card is pulled out, I hate it even more when my race does it, it's shameful. There are such things as racist acts, but if they're not obvious, you just call it hate, jealousy, SOMETHING ELSE! Because you're not sure! But really, the people that say it that often usually have a chip on their shoulder or a bad experience. It bothers me, but there's often a reason in the past.

And also, that "different" feeling, totally get it. At my age, everyone is supposed to listen to reggaeton. I only listen to music, it becomes an issue. That's just one example, but the point is yeah, I get you.

Thank, Q said...

I can go a million ways with this post, but I'd be creating a post myself by doing so. That mom took advantage of "white guilt." Why it still exists? Like Jewels said, she hasn't done anything to warrant "white guilt," so why do people still have it now? Political correctness. It's dumbed down U.S. citizens to the point where everything is off limits. It's also why there will never be any equality in this country. There are racist whites who still systematically practice racism, there are racist blacks who take advantage of white guilt, and so on and so on. So, can a white guy be "ghetto?" By today's standards of the definition he can. You can listen to Biggie, Snoop, NWA until you're blue in the face. But, will "white guilt" keep you from quoting all of the lyrics? The day that happens is the day racism will take a step towards being erased. Good post.

Rancher Mom said...

Everyone gets a chance in my book, reguardless of colour, race, sexuality, etc. If they act like douches, then they've blown their chance.

Personally I think as long as people continue to see colour and label everyone else just by looking at them, then we will always be stuck where we are.

As human beings we just seem to have a need to look for any little difference and separate ourselves based on any difference that we may find. Be it colour, political beliefs, financial status, etc. Time to pull our heads out of our arses and realise that we are all human beings.

ExoticBlogger said...

lol! said...

I'm starting to see a pattern here. The comments are almost always better than the original post. Am I turning into a facilitator, and this blog turning into a discussion forum? If so, I'm cool with that.

@Jewels: I can understand white guilt, but the past is the past. Yes, some horrible things happened, things I am not proud of, but I learned from the past, so I am not doomed to repeat it. Am I wiser than my ancestors? I'd like to hope so. Should I be punished for the bigotry and racism shown by white generations before me? I say no. Forgive, but do not forget seems appropriate here.

@AP: I had a spanish teacher like that, but with a different twist. He used to be a pro boxer, until Sugar Ray Leonard whooped his ass into retirement. He'd spend more time talking about his boxing days than on teaching spanish. I wasn't ok with that, so I complained to admin. He defended himself by saying he was relating it to spanish heritage, and if I had a problem with that, I was essentially being racist. Wha-what???

@D4: There's nothing wrong with reggaeton. 100% Boricua 100% of the time? That's a bit much... for anyone.

@Q: Thank you. I want to take your words and hang them on my wall. I couldn't have said this better myself. As long as one person keeps the division alive, we all have to suffer for it.

@Rancher Mom: Too true. And to touch on sexuality, I think the 'separate but equal' mentality is alive and strong today when people talk about homosexuals. Yeah, there are some differences when you compare it to the struggles in the 60's, but at the core, it's the same premise. Some people ACTUALLY BELIEVE that homosexuality is a virus, and if a gay guy touches you, he will turn you gay....

Anonymous said...

I think Q hit on something important with this issue and that is what we consider PC. I'm a white girl from the I allowed to like rap music? Can I enjoy it only in my house or can I blast that shit from my classy car while wearing my diamonds and bobbing my head to Biggie...see the issue there? Most of the time you won't find me pumping jams like that in my car (though I love them) because I don't want somebody to look over and shake their head and think I'm "stealing their culture" or "posing".

It's not PC for a white person to say they are from the ghetto or the hood. It's not PC for me to laugh at the stereotypes and racism in jokes (I do anyway). You hear comics address it all the time. You hear jokes that you think are funny but think "can I laugh at that!?" I'm over all that-if it's funny I laugh. If you are a cool person I like you. If you are a dick then I probably don't.

What people see as PC has a lot to do with how we allow ourselves to act and be seen.

kitkat said...

i also hate when people play the race card everytime someone from a different race offends them. I hate when people accuse blacks that speak proper english of not being "black" enough. I hate when people make comments like "you are pretty for a colored girl" wtf??! keep ur compliments to urself if you're going to "qualify" it.
I just hate that skin color is still a huge issue in the 21st century.

Thank, Q said...

@kitkat - people still say "colored?" I think that all races should care enough to know how to refer to another race. If someone referred to me as "colored," then I would tactfully correct them. I had a friend refer to an Asian as "Oriental" the other week. I told him "Orientals" are rugs. People need to understand what they are saying when they open their mouth. Dictionaries and history books exist for a reason.

BTW Kitkat, I'm feeling your blog!

The Wired said...

Believe it or not, I'm actually black. It takes a lot to offend me though. That google image is freaking hilarious.. Good post. And yes, al sharpton annoys me to know end.. The race is like a people always use it in case they're not winning an argument or want to make a point.. Being a black male myself, its shameful

consuela bananahammoc said...

I just love black jezus :D

Eric P said...

Oh my god, I didn't even know what blog I was on! Your new layout looks great! I thought to myself...what am I looking at? Never been here before!

I'm well impressed. Looks fantastic!

Matt Neumann said...

Great post and some great comments! I just started following!

mac-and-me said...

and nice new layout

Lhosreiff said...

I really dislike black people. Genuinely. I have nothing against them as a race, but as a stereotype they are the worst. And theres a reason stereotypes exist, because they're more often correct than not.

And for all those decent, hard-working African-Americans out there; I'm sorry, but the vast majority of your race is presenting its people to be ignorant, racist animals.

Racism exists BECAUSE of people like the woman in your post. It isn't fair to judge anybody on their ethnicity, but this whole "Racism" Rubbish needs to stop.

When was the last time you met Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who hates black people simply because their skin is slightly darker in hue. Yeah, thats because they are suprisingly few and far between.

In todays society being a white male is possibly the most unfortunate way to live. You have no rights vs. Women. You have no rights vs. any other race. Nobody cares that you don't have rights, because you are probably just a "Racist, Chauvinist, White Trash, Asshole". But even though you certainly aren't, if someone of the opposite gender or different race dislikes you enough you will be labeled as one. And theres nothing you can do about it.

I could just sum this up by saying "I really don't like most people". Because I don't. People are stupid.

And if you think this comment is racist than you need help.

Lhosreiff said...

Sorry that was such an angry post, Ive had some rough times with African-Americans and supposed "racism".

I feel I should say that Race shouldn't effect how you treat someone. I always give people a chance, regardless of their ethnicity or personal history. Its downright wrong to do otherwise.

I just cant stand this "white guilt". Not only is it ridiculously stupid, its incredibly offensive and shouldn't exist.

Thank, Q said...

@ Lhosreiff - No, I don't think your comment is stupid. Sad, maybe. Stupid, no. The reason I say "sad" is because you think that the stereotypes you see are a majority. I'm not sure if you see them on TV or maybe you just live in a crappy neighborhood. But, I can assure you that it's not a majority. As for the comment that people don't hate just because the color of skin, I disagree again. A recent news story reflected that 46% of Mississippian Republicans think interracial marriage should be against the law. So, there are still plenty of people out there who don't care to get to know someone before judging them.

Again, I don't think you're racist by your comment. In fact, I'm relieved that shared your thoughts since this is a much-needed discussion. I just think you're taking your experiences and generalizing them to include an entire race of people who just don't fit the reality TV stereotypes. said...

I'd like a further explanation on what a 'stereotypical black person' is. Do they have to have a food-obsession with Fried Chicken and watermelon to count?

Now, how would you define a stereotypical white person? Are we separating rich whites from white trash, or just throwing out what comes to mind? Country music? Confederate flags? Plays tennis in their spare time? Missing teeth?

What I'm trying to get to is that I don't think a stereotype exists anymore. I think there is a tried-and-true stereotype from the early 20th century, and whenever someone shows those characteristics they become pegged as 'the stereotypical black man.'

Just substitute ragtime music for Gangsta rap, and the definitions have modernized...

Can I hate stereotypes? What would you categorize that as?

And Lho, don't sweat it. You're entitled to your opinions, and it sounds like they have been affirmed by experiences in life. My only advice is to give each individual a chance before you judge them as unworthy. Yeah, there are a ton of idiots out there, in all colors and sizes.

Lhosreiff said...

I apologize, subjects like this really get me hot-headed and I tend to over-exaggerate things.

I'm sure I've let my state of mind be pushed in such a direction by the media, and some past experiences in that mix doesn't help.

I also should add that I don't know a whole lot of African-Americans, but the ones I've met certainly fit the stereotype.

Guess I'm just unlucky, but its really frustrating seeing things like the story in Idaho's post.

I understand that these types of stories are rare but it doesn't change the fact that it was unruly and shouldn't have happened.

Assholes will be assholes I guess. said...

I can see where Lho is coming from. If I grew up in Idaho Falls, I'd have some EXTREME limitations on racial diversity. I have seen maybe 6 asian people, a dozen blacks, and maybe a hundred or so mexicans in a town of 50,000+. Everyone else is so damn white it's insane.

If 4 of the 6 asians were douchebags, I could easily see myself saying "asians are assholes" because of my exposure. I guess growing up in SoCal, where it's a fairly even mix, left me a little jaded on racial diversity. You just begin to expect it after a while, and stop seeing color before you see the people.

Thank, Q said...

@ Lho - I understand completely. Again, I was glad that you spoke up because I also think the mother from this blog post should have been arrested for her actions. No one should ever feel as if their hands are tied simply because they don't want to upset someone or get sued. That only promotes idiotic behavior similar to this mother. Hopefully your experiences will get better with black people. We're not all that bad. :)

@ Idaho - you're right. If your exposure is limited and you mix in a few episodes of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," "Bad Girls Club," and rap videos, then it's easy to think we're all gold-loving, womanizing, loud-mouthed dummies.

hed said...

This post is AWESOME and the comments are just as good.

PS I can vouch that Idaho REALLY DID LIVE in the ghetto (although I would be more inclined to call it a barrio)

I'm going to throw out my opinion because I feel I was able to see through new eyes a few years ago.

My husband comes from a small town in Australia where black people there are Aborigines and generally looked down upon. All he knew about blacks in America were from what he saw on TV or the news. Black people carry guns. Black people fight and rob and are in gangs and eat fried chicken. When we would be out and about in my city (which is very diverse), I could see the fear in his eyes when we would pass a black dude on the street (and no, my husband isn't a pussy!).

After a while I introduced him to my black and Mexican (there are like NO Mexicans in Australia, I shit you not)friends, and he is enamored and full of respect for them. Unfortunately, if you never have the opportunity to interact with other ethnicities, you tend to use the old "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck" adage when viewing them.

That's just my two cents. I hope it made sense!

hed hed above water

Taylor said...

There is no way that is racist!

Anonymous said...

I personally want to address Lho...

Even though you are entitled to your own opinion, don't you think that it is unfair to judge an entire group of people based on the post that Idaho wrote? I mean it is ok to dislike IGNORANT people in general because stupidity knows no bounds but to specifically say you dislike black people because the stereotypes are true is kind of ABSURD.

What if it was the other way around? What if it was a little white girl who had the bad attitude and got kicked out of class and the mom came in to address the BLACK teacher and slapped the shit out of the little black child? Would you have commented?

In the situation if you take out the color difference, the mother was ignorant as hell because she put her hands on someone else's child however, if a CHILD disrespected me like that, because I am their ELDER, I may have slapped the shit out of them too.. Well, maybe not but I would have been very assertive with my answer/reply.

As far as the "white guilt".. IDK what to say about that because white people always start their sentences off with "I'm sorry but.." However, black people do take advantage of that. I can always argue both sides of the story seeing how my heritage gives me an identity crisis.

Hubby, I love the new layout! That blue was kind of hurting my eyes. said...

@TOAR: Yeah, I was sick of the blue too. Thanks wifey.

But I'm going to play devil's advocate here. If it was a white student/mom and a black child (16 is still a child) got smacked down, I'm worried it would have made national headlines. Should it be any different if the coin was flipped? Not at all. But this was the 90's, white people couldn't be discriminated against, and men couldn't be sexually harassed. Meh.

Oh, and I'm sorry. Respect your elders, yes, but it goes both ways. Talk to ME like I'm a little no-nothing snot, pigeon-hole ME as a racist just because I'm white and you're not, and come into MY classroom, showing no respect, and trying to pick a fight with my teacher? Damn right I'm gonna say something.

The funny thing was, when I tried to press charges, the cops told me I was wrong for speaking up against her, and probably needed a good smack anyway. Humph.

Lhosreiff said...

Of course I would have commented at how horrible that supposed white woman is, but if that were to happen, she would very likely be persecuted for assault and face trial. Which is only fair.

The problem here is that only because the child and the childs' mom are black, and both the complaining child and teacher are white, logic and fairness is thrown out the window.

And don't get me wrong, I did indeed state I hated the stereotypical black person, not African-Americans in general.

Leila said...

Actually, the very behavior you wrote about from the uncouth student, is the same behavior which makes me look racist in my worse moments. I go to an inner-city high school, but there's a pretty big unintentional segregation going on. Almost none of the AP classes have a black student (maybe one or two), but all the "lower level" classes are filled with blacks and Hispanics. The only time whites, asians, blacks, and hispanics are in the same room is during gym class. Sad right? Well, I actually DO NOT care, and during a horrible off day, I sometimes wish it was actually separated. Not racially separated. More like... intellectually separated (but if you go with the stereotypes, it's not really any different).

You might ask, why am I making such horribly racist comments? I'm not racist, but if you act and talk like those rambunctious idiots who make life a living hell for the teachers, vandalize school property, and basically cuss me out just because I'm trying to not fail my gym class by participating... then YES, I will be prejudiced against you. Whatever race you are, if you act that way, then yes I will HATE you (just as much as I hate skin heads and the rest of the bigoted population).

Because in my school, it just so happens that the majority of those people are not white/asian, I look racist when I complain. But here's the FUNNY part. I basically don't care about people in school (regardless of race, I won't have an opinion of them unless they give me reason to), but all I have to do is walk down a hall and I see some "ghetto" kid yelling out "bitch is sum chink nerd!"

Now, ladies and gentlemen. THAT's racism. Walking innocently and being derided with unnecessary slurs is racism. Getting mad because a group of idiots decided to show how idiotic they truly are is NOT racism.

Ok I'm done rambling.

Anonymous said...

Leila makes a good point. I feel like if you are going to hate, hate EVERYBODY. That is what I do. I call everyone the N word regardless of the color of their skin. I know, the n word is bad blah blah. Eff You Guys. lol.

I also think that sometimes black people are more likely to pull the race card before white people. I think someone stated it above and I will not scroll through, but when something is not going the way a blk person wants it to go, or something unfortunate happens to them, they automatically pull out "because I am black" to make a point or rationalize their actions.

Why do white people always apologize?

Anonymous said...

Lynn-I honestly think it's ingrained in our genetic behavior code. I appologize like it's nobody's business. I am hopelessly afraid of offending somebody...or at least I used to be. I am getting better about it. It's not just about race-it's about everything. If I'm being totally honest I am really cautious about what I say in regards to anyones race/ethnicity/relgion. I don't know that it's fear just more that I don't know much about their culture and am afraid to sound ignorant. I don't want to put my foot in my mouth and yes-I don't want to rock the boat. It's easier for me to stay quiet then risk pissing people off-I hate when people are mad at me.

I have noticed this a lot. A black ex of mine said that I appologize because of this "white guilt" nonsense and I absolutely don't. I appologize because the thought of anyone being mad at me sends me into a panic attack.

I know though from others and from me in my younger age-that we tip toe around race to avoid uncomfortable situations. There is a freedom that comes with being a minority sometimes-anything they say can excused because they were oppressed or "my people" enslaved them. Um-no they didn't. My people didn't do shit! We were Irish and Greek imigrants working out asses off and we never claimed that we were done wrong-though we were judged and discriminated against at times for being drunk or lazy, etc. Seems that minorities can have quite the chip on their shoulders and it's easier to say sorry and avoid conflict. I hate conflict.

Sonia said...

Good post. You know growing up in Calif, I heard those terms a few times, but we have so many races here it's not even funny. When I moved to Missouri in the 90's I never had any problems, but my friends would point out stuff I missed (went over my head) because I don't experience it here. I know there are some backward a-- areas up north, but even still it is what it is. Maybe that's why stay on the west coast. I feel more comfortable and accepted. I can't speak for other places because I just don't know. I have a co worker that states certain parts of Boston is a no no for blacks and that is weird to me.

If your raised to believe something, there isn't much you can do about it (hence: why some stay in their small towns and never venture off to the big cities). It's easier to keep those beliefs fresh when your in an area that doesn't or hasn't changes. Sad if you ask me, but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

wow jewels. That made a lot of sense. I hate that how "my people were enslaved" Gosh darn it, wasn't every ethnicity? Black people's just seem to be the most recent. I mean Jews were kinda white and they were enslaved! The irish enslaved their own people (so i've been told by my irish aunt). IDK. I think people can discriminate by ignorance, not by race.

Astronomy Pirate said...

Man, looks like I missed out on a hell of a good conversation. The fact of the matter is that most people are just people. Doesn't matter their skin color. Most of the time I see this stuff as just a misunderstanding. I went to my university when it was the most diverse school in the U.S. And I have to say, I have really enjoyed meeting such a wide range of people. If you isolate yourself and never interact with these other people, you can never understand them. Of course, there are the occasional rough interactions and what you see on TV. A bad experience can warp your view, but I'm sure a better understanding can be worked. Then again, maybe I just am an amicable person.

Anonymous said...

A Joke never gains an enemy but often loses a friend.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter where you grew up, what you believe, or if you listen to hip hop. You are white and will always be racist until the rest of white people stop being cowards and letting this happen to other white people.

Lady Estrogen said...

1. Still laughing at that effin' Google image. OMG.

2. What's up with the Anon above me?

3. Still laughing.

4. TOAR - I love you, honey.

5. I'm going to hell one way or another so I might as well laugh at Black Jesus too... cuz I did.

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