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New Layout, and YAY Blogging Awards!

As I'm sure most of you have noticed by now, I've been playing around with my design and layout.  I hope you like the changes I made.  Feedback is always appreciated.

Also, I was awarded some blogging trophies over the weekend!  WOO!

This award was given to me by miss Bitchzilla on the loose.  She has a fun, witty blog, and an award from her means a lot to me.

And while I *DO* give a fucking piss about what you think, I *DON'T* give a fucking piss about what is and is not "ok" to blog about.  Subjects I've touched upon include:

- Mormons (one of my favorite posts)
- Hipsters
- Racism
- Politics
- Credit woes, and homeowner worries
- The ongoing insanity of Tyra Banks (she so crazy...)
- Disabled people that frustrate me (the award-winning STUNNER post)
- Moose-humping
and much much more.  No limits, no rules, no filters.  Taboo is not in my dictionary.

And admit it.  You love it.

Next up is...

Lynn from Thoughts of a Randomista bestowed this award upon me.  She thinks I'm FAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!  And now that my blog's layout looks more stylin, I can say this award is well-earned.

Now, this award comes with rules.  Even though I don't follow the rules very well, I'll try.

1 - Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.  Check.  (Thank you hun)
2 - Share 7 things about yourself (will do below)
3 - Award some bloggers with this award, and
4 - Let them know about it.

First, to award some peeps who I think are stylin and/or profilin.

Alphabeta at Alphabet Wars.  I have too much fun on his blog, pitting A's against B's.  Currently it's technology vs sandwiches.  Even though the sammies dripped mayo all over the motherboard, tech won.  Who will be the 'U' competitor to take on tech?  Go see for yourself.

Bryan & Brandon at A Beer for the Shower.  Why?  I like beer.  I like their wit.  And they do their own graphics, in a very badass way.  From one Brandon to another, major props to you and your blog.

Tasos at n00b-o-torials.  If you want to know fun things about tech, programming, and things you can do with/to your computer, check him out.  I've learned a few fun gems by lurking his blog.

I had one more for Mash it Up, an amazing musical blog, but I'm getting error message when I try to go there.  Maybe it was taken down?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?  Oh well, try it for yourself...

And now for 7 things about me.

  • I'm left-handed
  • I have green eyes.  Good thing and bad thing.  Sure, they look shmexy, but they're ultra light-sensitive.  
  • I was president of the chess club back in high school, yet was still not considered too much of a nerd.
  • I wrote an arrangement of the music from "Super Mario Brothers" for a 75-person wind ensemble in college.  It sounded awesome, and made me fall in love with music-writing more than music-playing.
  • 3 websites I check every day (besides blogger) are, the 'casual encounters' section on craigslist (for the lols), and
  • I was once in a Ska Band called "Tom Skat and the Jump-Cats."  I played bass, and was called Phatcat.  
  • I proposed to a girl in the 2nd grade.  I bought a neat looking diamond ring at a yard sale for $20 when I was 6, and gave it to my sweetheart.  She wore it all the time, and we called each other 'fiancée.'  Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.  We split in the 6th grade.  She kept the ring.  

...the worst part is... she never put out.   The tease.
Please Share it! :)

34 witty retorts:

rinns said...

you deserve that award because your blog is S-T-Y-L-I-N

Alphabeta said...

Congrats and fair play on no compromise blogging.
Can't say the same for mine. Oh well.

becca said...

congrats on layout and award

Random Girl said...

Congrats on your awards. You much have quite a trophy shelf. Love the new layout as well...just keeps getting better!

Zombie said...

I like the new layout!

Matthew MacNish said...

Moose humping sounds interesting. I'll go read about Mormons.

CandleintheDark said...

hahah great stuff

Choirchick22 said...

Your blog is Fucking Amazing looking. When I first saw the new layout I was pretty much blown away. :) Congrats on the new awards. And I'm sorry to hear about your fiance. I hope time has healed your wounds from what must have been a very painful split. :P

Choirchick22 said...

p.s. I feel ya on the Mormons being fun to write about. It's so true.

Kicking Rocks said...

She never put out!!! damn!!

Michelle~ Mommy Confessions said...

I like the new layout. Also, if you can send me a video tape of your ska band performing, my life will be complete.

Anonymous said...

I like your new layout!

Congrats on the awards and for blogging about what you want when you want to. That's the way to to.

PS. In response your your comment, I don't know - what's a "meme"?

Autumnforest said...

I was a skater, loved Ska. You seriously were a nerd, huh? Explains why you're so bright! A leftie--very cool. Explains why you go against the flow. Green eyes--my new horror character has glowing green eyes. Congrats on the awards. You have us all hooked. I think in everyone's life they wake up in a "what the fuck am I doing here?" mode. You sing to that part of us.

Adsila said...

Whoot whoot, from one lefty to another!

Shutterbug said...

LOL. I enjoyed reading the 7 things about you! :)

D4 said...

You have only increased in awesome by reading questionable content. You also win some points for having been in a Ska band. You also win points for writing music. You're like some top notch awesome, wtf?!


Anyway, I love the layout, but the links being the same color (or similar) to the text isn't good. I did that once, it confused people.

Alice X said...

Congrats on the blog awards and yes we do think your blog is fabuuuuloooouuuss darling!

Astronomy Pirate said...

Sweet awards. I think I already said I liked the new lay out... Also, fellow lefty here, the sinister alliance is strong!

Megan Hansen said...

I love the new layout! Great work here

G said...

Congratz on the award dude... I love the fact you were in a Ska band, cool choice in music style!

Blair said...

Great post! Keep up the great blog, I'll be sure to return :)

Greg said...

I like your style! That's what I'm talking about nothing taboo to write about.

Congrats on the awards, and I'll definitely be back!

mac-and-me said...

the new layout is awesome

Chris Phillips said...

Can't believe the broad kept the ring. Sorry, man.

Thank, Q said...

Congrats on the awards! How long did it take you to reconstruct your site? said...

@Q: About 20 minutes. I need to do some minor tweaks, but I got all the code and CSS done before I posted, so it was just a matter of updating, then fine-tuning.

@Mommy: Alas, I was in the band when I was 12/13. No videos back then (old VHS camcorders SUCK) but I think there is a picture or two floating around. I'll see what I can do.

@Choirchick: If you like what I've done so far, wait til you see what I have in store tomorrow!

tj said...

Being from Idaho I would have to agree that Mormons would be a great topic to talk about, they do bring up quite a few odd subjects and mannerisms.... good old Utah 2.

kitkat said...

congrats on the awards!!!

hed said...

Nice awards! Grats!

You're SO from the I.E. if you were in a ska band in the 90's. Did we not all love the Skeletones and Voodoo Glow Skulls? I even went to winter formal with one of the Debonaires :)


The Satirical Swashbuckler said...

Damn dude, jealous

Aaron M. Gipson said...

I really like the new layout, dude! And from the 7 facts about you, it looks like you and I are alot alike. How are you holding up after the great license plate removal fiasco? said...

@Aaron: You're a ska-playin music-writin lefty as well? Awesome.

And I cry myself to sleep every night since the changing of the plates. I actually have the old Cali plates on the wall, right in front of me. They're about 2 feet higher than the top of the monitor.

Icepax_Nmir said...

congratulations with your awards! I didn't even knew there were such things :p

jorg wobblington lopez said...

I love the new layout! The old one actually pissed me off.

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