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I'm Hunting Wabbits

And by wabbits, I mean a new job.

I'm still working, but I feel the chemistry isn't as strong as it used to be at my current workplace.

We're going in two separate directions.

It's not you, it's me.

While I like who I work with and what I do, I don't see this being a long-term, 'let's rule the world together' career anymore.  I feel I can do better, and find greener pastures.

So the hunt is on.  Feelers are out.  I'm talking with people, and may leverage a job-change with an environment-change as well.  We'll see.

But the fun question:  When I find my 'greener grass,' how should I give my notice?

I can't exactly write a 'fuck you' sign and post it at my company.  That, and again, I like most of the people I work for.  This is a 'it's not you, it's me (but it's really mostly you)' situation, so I'd like to not burn the bridge.

And since I'm 600 miles from my actual home office, I have 1 of 2 ways:

I can email them a traditional 'thank you, but BUH BYE' 2-week notice.

Or I could deliver something to them.  Like a cake.

The man who founded gave his notice by showing off his cake-making skills.  It was respectful, funny, memorable, and got him a lot of good PR since this picture has been passed around and around the internet.

But I have no cakemaking skills.

And, although I love Mr. Cake's style, I'm not going to get a cake delivered all the way from the UK to the Western US.

So what do I do?

Can I go to Costco and ask for a strawberry-filled cake in the shape of a large middle-finger?

Or should I get a Mrs. Field's giant cookie, with my two-week notice scrawled on the top?

Finally, I found this picture:

I love this, and I could time my 'official' notice to arrive (via email) 5 minutes after the delivery arrives.

And I bet, no matter how the cake actually tastes, this cake will be so so sweet.

Have any of you ever quit in a creative way?  If so, please share with a comment below!
Please Share it! :)

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