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It's Movie Season!

Ah, Summer is once again upon us.  You know it's summertime when every movie preview you see makes you shout "I want to go see that!"

There's a new Pixar movie.  Yet another 'end of the world' style movie (wait, there's like four of them) and of course a small wave of Rom-Coms this summer to get you out of the house and dating.

And they all look interesting.  Most of them are in 3D, even if it doesn't make sense.  But who cares?  It's summer, the theaters are always set to a cool 65 degrees, and when it reaches triple-digits outside you'll take 3 hours of respite wherever you can get it.

The movie I'm most looking forward to seeing is 'This is the End,' simply because it's actors making fun of actors.  Here's a preview, if you have no idea what I'm talking about:

I know, right?

And summer isn't all about action movies and comedy either.  There are plenty of Romantic Comedy choices out there (aka Chick Flicks) for date nights and romantic interludes...

Because I can't be the only one who thinks about fooling around in a movie theater...  I mean, it's dark, you're close, everyone's eyes are glued forward...

And don't get me wrong, empty theaters are best. If you try to get a bj from your girl at the opening weekend of a Twilight or Hunger Games movie, you're gonna end up on a sex offender's list somewhere...

No matter what you prefer to see at the movies (or what you prefer to DO at the movies) summer is the perfect season for the cineplex.  Go shove some snacks down your pants, pay too much for tickets, and enjoy movie season.  I know I will!
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