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Dad's Old Poster - To Frame or To Sell?

Going through my dad's things, I have found a lot of old and fond memories.  One of my favorites so far has to be an Eric Dickerson poster from long ago.

I remember the Ram's game we went to, when they gave away this poster to all in attendance.  I got one, dad got one (in other words, dad got two).  One was put in a poster frame and hung in his garage, and the other was put away.

Rainy day, collector's item... I'm not sure what he was thinking... but he kept it all this time - still rolled up, still in the original plastic wrap.

The garage poster was left in California when he moved to AZ.  I checked ebay and other online sites and cannot find a replica of this poster ANYWHERE.  My first inclination was to sell it.  Rare = Valuable, right?

But I was raised an LA Rams fan.  #29, Dickerson's number, is my lucky number.  Long long ago when I played football, I was #29.

I'm keeping the poster.

Since I am in my 30s, I am well-beyond the age where I hang a poster with tape or tacks.  I'll be looking for a poster frame to not only hold this poster, but my Topps card from the 80's from when ED broke the single-season rushing record (which, luckily, Adrian Peterson BARELY fell short of last season).

I discovered poster frame depot and they look like they can easily fill my needs.  My only regret is not framing my other childhood posters (and YES, I did have the obligatory Farrah poster from the 70s).  I'm just glad this memory from my youth will last a very long time.

Best of all, I now have my own office.  The basement belongs to me, so I can decorate as I see fit.  I can build a man cave, with fathead cutouts and sports memorabilia.  I can decorate my office with motivational (maybe DEmotivational?) posters and business-themed decor.  For now, this will be in my office, to remind me of my roots and some good memories with dad.

His Dan Marino autrographed football, however, will be on eBay shortly.  He was the Dolphin's fan, not me.  (GO PANTHERS! haha)  Sorry dad, can't keep it all!
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