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The Thrill of a Poker Tournament

Ten years ago, Texas Hold'em Poker was one of the 'in' things to do.  The World Series of Poker was extremely popular, and more and more people were holding Poker Nights in their neighborhoods.

Even though it isn't as big as it used to be, people still love a good WSOP poker tournament.  So much so that I am making sure my company has a casino night when they do their open house.

I have done these events in the past, and it is always a hit.

With a casino night, people can gamble and drink without spending a dime.  There still needs to be an incentive to win, so what I often do is have a top prize for the winners.

There is the standard casino floor, and there is a poker tournament.  The top winner on the casino floor will win a custom set of poker chips, and the winner of the poker tourney also wins a set.

I get my hosting vendors to sponsor the chips, and their logos are put on the chips as a 'thank you.'   Manufacturer A is on the blue chips, B is on the red chips, etc.  If you get 4 or 5 companies to do this, it doesn't cost you a dime and you have a sexy looking set.

Customers love it because it is unique and will remind them of the fun they had.  Past winners have displayed their poker sets in their store, showing it off to competitor distributors and manufacturers alike.

All I can do is grin.

I myself love to play poker, but as the host I can't win.  It wouldn't be fair, after all.

But I do love to compete, so I play with my friends and on online poker sites from time to time.

Am I good enough to be on the WSOP?  No way.  If any company wants to sponsor me, it'll just be throwing away cash.

But I do play for the love of the game, and because I'm a professional bullshitter.  For some reason I come off as believable, and use that to my advantage.

Do you still play poker, or is that too 2000's for you?  Do you play with friends?  Play online?  Do you know where to go for good online poker room reviews?  Please share your stories with a comment below.
Please Share it! :)

4 witty retorts:

Itsa Monkeybutt said...

When we were in HS (and before) we would sit around the table with my parents and play some poker. That's the entirety of my poker days, but it was good times, spent with awesome people! :)

YoungmanBrown said...

I have devoted my life to the game.

Chubby Chatterbox said...

I have the world's worst poker face. And deal me a good hand and my fingers start shaking. And this is when I'm playing for M&Ms.

Jeff Laws said...

Don't really have any stories, but the guys at work and I usually get together every few months or so. Last time we got together, we had 2 tables with 14 guys, so it still has to be somewhat popular.

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