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How A Bad Hotel Experience Earned My Business For Life

I live, essentially, on the road.  I cover 5 states for my work and was in hotel rooms 117 nights last year.

I have good experiences and bad experiences.  How the bad ones are handled separate the mediocre hotels from the great ones.

Here is my story, as I type from my hotel room...

I was ironing my clothes for the next day (as I always do) and went to iron my shirt.  I check the heat levels and make sure not to 'overcook' my clothes, to prevent THIS from happening:

My shirt got fried.  At the right setting.  I guess the iron overheated or the gauge didn't work?  Either way, this shirt is ruined... the dark spot is a hard, burnt splotch of polyester.  Dead.

First thing I did was call the front desk to get a replacement iron.  This is why I pack a spare shirt, just in case...

...wait.  I didn't pack a spare shirt.  SHIT.

It was 8:40pm.  I had 20 minutes to get to a department store and find a replacement, or else I get to wear dirty laundry (or head home one day early... or see stores naked... either/or...).

I got to a JC Penney with 8 minutes to spare, and found a shirt that worked.  Nick of time.

Now, the 'above and beyond' part...

The hotel paid for my replacement shirt.  I grabbed the first thing that worked (which happened to be NOT from the $19.99 rack, oops...) and they reimbursed me on the spot, without hesitation.

For that, the Best Western Plus in Great Falls, Montana has earned my business whenever I'm in town.  It's service like this I look for in my homes away from home.

Thank you, Brandon and the staff who helped me in my minor moment of crisis.  You guys rock, and I will definitely remember your awesomeness the next time I'm booking my trip in Montana.

Now, for my next trick.... breaking in the new iron with my new shirt.  If this one overheats, I'm fucked.

Wish me luck!  And thanks again!
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