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Be Careful What You Say on Facebook

If you follow me on facebook, you probably know I post funny pictures ad nauseum, and come up with funny quips from time to time.  I scour the interwebs looking for funny things to share, and my followers love it.

Earlier in the week, I found a funny photo and wanted to share it with a group I'm in before putting it on my page:

A lot of us were laughing, but one person didn't get it:

I was 'nicely' saying butterfly tramp stamps (according to this picture) are seen on fat unemployed women.  But by asking "Who has these types of tattoos?" it gave her the chance to respond like THIS:

OOPS!  Oh shit, oh shit, how do I backtrack?  I mean, er, um...

She found the humor in it, as we all did, but WOW... did I stick my foot in my mouth or what??

(now, if you're not already following my page on Facebook, go there now and add me.  I post things there almost daily, and you'll love it)
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